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Tutorial - 'Stat change' by ninten

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How to create a Level Stat Change "Event" called on by an item.


Recommended for a char with no curve of ablities in Attack, Defense and Max MP
Set in Start Program Change Variable "LevelTest" to "1"
Then Give him(her) an item do nothing here and do not close window
go to step one.

*Only for !!!One!!! hero
1. First create an item. Name it "Skills Modifier"
1a. Set it's classifaction to Switch
1b. Set it's use to Limitless
1c. Make it turn on 001:levelstats
1d. Available only at FEILD
2. Go to Common Event's make a new event
2a. Name it level up.
2b. Set it's Event Start Condition to Parallel Process
2c. Set it's Appearence Conditions Switch to 001:levelstats
2d. Insert Change variable
1. make a new variable "001:level"
2. Set the dot to the first hole "Set."
3. Make the Operand your "Hero of choices" "Level"
2e. Insert Variable Change
1. make a new variable "Levelspace"
2. Set the dot to the first hole "Set."
3. Set the Operand the first "variable" and select "001:Level"
2f. Insert Fork Condition
1. Set it's conditions to "variable"
2. Set it's variable to "001:level"
3. Set it's "Set to '0' "
4. The drop-down box should be set to "same"
5. Check "else case" at bottom
2g. Set a message Inside of the fork option to say "you need a new level"(or something like that)
2h. Insert Label number "1" (on third page)
2i. Under "else case" set a Message to say "level up what?"
2j. Then set a choice of Attack/Defense/Magic/Nothing cancel case to "4"
2k. Under Attack Case set:
1. Message to say " '?1' point increase *attack*" "?1=your amount"
2. Change ablity "Your Main Hero" "*Attack*" "Increase" "increase by '?1' "
3. Insert Switch Change 001:Levelstats "off"
4. Insert a Fork option: Variable "LevelSpace" "Above" "0" check else case
4a. Set Goto label Number 1
5. Under else case set Message "Used all levels"
6. under End case set "Leveltest" "+" "variable" "levelspace"
2l. Reapeat for Defense and Magic (Modify "**" accordingly)
2m. For Nothing Case Set a Message: "Ok...."

Zap... There you go a Level Stat Change "Event" called on by an item.

(c) 2003 Flyer (Joshua R. Williams)