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Tutorial - 'Laser Sighting' by ATARI

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How to create a laser sighting system


Hi folks, it ATARI again. This time I'm going to talk about a laser sighting system.

What you'll need
1. An understanding of variables
2. Knowledge with forks and switches
3. A paint program (paint works just fine)

First, make your laser picture. You can have a small dot or a line, but the recomended size 15x100. Make all of it a transparent color, then have a red dot near the end. If you want a line, you'll have to experiment a bit. You'll see why. Save the picture in your pictures folder.

Now make an item (if you have an cms and have a different item system, you just need an event to turn on the switch), set it to 'switch' call it 'laser sight.' Cost is 400. Make it turn on switch LaserSighterEvent Then make a common event, set it to autostart, set it's starting switch to lasersightevent. Then make it turn on switch 'laser.'

Make another item, same setting, except make switch 'laserOff' then make another common event with same settings, except its start switch is laseroff and it turns off switch 'laser.'

Now make a parrel process event on your map. Set it's starting switch to 'laser.' In the event, make a fork option that says if hero is facing up. Add else case. Below that fork, make a change variable event. Make a variable, call it LaserX. Set its set to 'set,' and it's opearand as event. Choose hero and in the next box scene x. Hit ok. Do the same thing again, make the variable LaserY and make it scene y. Hit ok.

Open up the show picture event. Choose your laser picture, then set its picture corridents 'by variable.' Set the X variable to LaserX and the y to LaserY. Set transparent color to stir and then hit ok.

Now save and test game. Now when you go up, the laser thing goes in front of you showing where the shots go. (You can see why the line laser sighting system is a bit experimental)

Now just do the same things as you did for left, right, and down.

Now remember, you can use this tutorial for other things than just lasers. You can use it for pictures that go with your hero too. What you use it for is up to you.

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