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Tutorial - 'Electric Monsters Phone System' by jordyce

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How to create a phone system like that in Pokemon Diamond



* Electric Monsters Phone System *

Tutorial written by Jordyce -
Website -


I've written this tutorial for no reason at all - except I liked the
phone system on the game Electric Monsters (or the hacked name -
Pokemon Diamond) and I think any game could use this system, and
it would work well with a DMS or CMS.


Before we start, you need to know the following RM2k commands:
-Input Number
-Common Events
That's about it. First do what the instructions below say, and then
do what it says if your using DMS or CMS.


Note: If a topic in an A/B format (1a and 1b) that means that the A
is for DBS, and that B is for CMS.

1. First create a common event called OnPhone and make Appearance
Call if your using CMS, or Parallel Process if DMS.

2a. Create an item with these properties:
Name: Phone (or Whatever)
Classification: Switch (Make and turn on switch UsingPhone)
Price: 0 (Unless you want to be able to buy/sell phones.)
The rest is up to you...
2b. After making your CMS make an event that calls the event OnPhone
somewhere on your CMS.

3. In the OnPhone common event make an input number command (as many
numbers as you want for the phone) and set it to a variable called

4. Make a fork condition that is if Variable RingingNumber is the
same as the phone number of the person your calling. In the fork
condition put whatever you want the person to say/do etc... Add an
else case for each phone number, and at the final else case, with
no Phone Numbers left to make a message saying: "Incorrect
Phone Number"

5. At the end of the OnPhone common event turn switch UsingPhone off.



Q1. How do I make it so I can only ring someons number when I've meet
A1. Make a switch turn on when you meet a person (I'll call it
VahnsNumber), and when using Fork Conditions to compare in step 4,
make a fork condition (without else case) that is set on if
VahnsNumber is on.

Q2. What is the best amount of numbers to have in a phone number?
A2. In my opinion, 5.

Q3. How can I make it so players can view what phone numbers they have?
A3. Make a Common Event which is triggered by whatever suits, and
in it write:
"Phone Numbers:" and then make a Fork Condition to see what phone
numbers you have. You can do this in the same method as Q1. In each
fork condition write a message like this:
"Vahn - 05347".



Don Miguel - For translating RM2k.
The people who asked questions - For helping make the FAQ section!

If you have any comments, questions etc... please email me at:

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