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Tutorial - 'Lottery' by ATARI

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How to create a lottery minigame in your rm2k RPG


Hi folks, its ATARI again. This time I’m going to talk about how to make a lottery in
your rpg.

What you’ll need to know
1. Variables
2. Fork Options

First of all, you need to make a place for your lottery stand. Make a person
behind the desk. Set their event to push key. Then make a message that says “Wanna
buy a lottery ticket? 5 Gold Each!” Then on the next nine, thats has a backslash (not the
one that has the ? mark on the key, the other one) and then a $ sign. (\$)
Hohoh! Wait a MINUTE!! What does the (\$) thing mean? Well, it displays the
money that you have with you. Now isn’t that helpful. Close the message box.
Next make a show choice option. Make the options. 1 ticket, 2 tickets, 3 tickets
and cancel.
Under the 1st choice make a fork option, located on the 3rd tab of the event tabs.
Make a fork that says if money 5 above, then it changes gold held - 5, then Make an input
digit event with 4 digits, store them in variable ‘lotterytic1.’
Now make a timer event, set it to start 10:00 minutes. You don’t need to display
the timer. Make it turn on switch ‘Timer’Now make a common event that is set to
parrel process. Make it’s start condition switch ‘Timer.’ Now make a fork that says if
timer is at 0:00, set variable ‘Lottery Results.’ To any random number between
0000-9999. Now turn on switch ‘Lottery Results.’ and then turn off switch ‘Timer.’
Back at the stand, with this switch, show a message that says, “See lottery
results,’ then show a show choice. Then make a message that says “Lottery Results are
/v[x] and your ticket is /v[x]. [x] represents the variable number.
Now under that, make a fork option that says, if ‘Lottery Results equal to
variable lotterytic1,’ Show message that says, “YOU WON!” Or something’, then make
an event that gives your hero some money. Have a message underneath the else case that
says. “Too bad. Good luck next time.” Then under the last end case, turn off Lottery
Results, and set Lotterytic1 and LotteryResults to 0. Now under the 2 tickets and 3 ticket
things, just do the same, except have more input digit events and have lotterytic2 and 3
variables, and then the /v[x] message would be like this. “Lottery Results are /v[x], your
tickets are /v[x], /v[x], and /v[x]. Of course, you also turn on a different switch to go into
the place. So switch LotteryResults would become LotteryResults2 and 3. Also, make 2
other timer events for the other 2 tickets, with switches ‘timer2’ and timer3.’ Easy
Enough? Good!

That should be it. Just give credit to ATARI in your game
“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”