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Tutorial - 'Watch' by LifeFire

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How to create a watch for one of your PC's


My First tut. Cool! It's a simple watch item that tells the time.Duh!

You need : 3 variables
4 common events
1 item
1 switch

The Item

Make a new item and call it watch or sumthing.
Make it a switch item, 0 price, limitless use, make the switch Watch on or sumthing

The Common Events

Make three common events Hour, Second, Minute. Parallel process.
For the Hour make it wait 36000 x 0.1sec(3600 seconds)
Then make hour variable +1
For the Minute make it wait 600 x 0.1 sec(60 seconds)
Than make variable [xxx:minute] +1
Fork it so that if variable minute equals 59+ set it 2 zero
For the second make it wait 10 x 0.1 sec (1 sec)
Make variable second +1
Fork it so that if variable second equals 59+ set it to 0
Now make a Common Event Called Display time. Auto Start. By Watch Turned on(What ever you called the above switch)
Make it show message: \v[xxx:Hour]:\v[xxx:Minute]:\v[xxx:Second]
(the slashes for showing the variable could be the other way I forget!!!)
The turn the watch turned on switch off.

This is the basic format. I have on were the message box is center transperent and there a picture of a watch so the times in the middle of the watch.

Thanks for reading. Give me credit if you use this!