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Tutorial - 'Skiing Minigame' by bluemoogle

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Make a Skiing mini game! Everyone loves to ski! Now ski in RPG!


|Tutorial by blue_mooge |
|Skiing Mini Game Tutorial|

Welcome to my Skiing tutorial!! I will teach you how to make a skiing mini game! Its a great game, and is easy to make! To do this tutorial, you will need to know how to do:
1. Use switches
2. Use variables
3. Use a fork condition
4. Basic idea of Character set editing

=-(Part 1: Making the Graphics!)-=
I use idraw for this. You can get it at (don's site). I recommend getting it. Well, first load Idraw. Open the character set that your hero (or player thats gonna ski) is on. Select all 3 animations of the hero facing down, and copy it. Put it top of another characters down (one you don't use). Draw little skis on the players feet, and if you want, winter clothes. Add whatever else you want! Save and close Idraw.

=-(Part 2: Making the maps!)-=
On your snowy mountain map, maybe make a hut that lets you rent skis. Make the hut, the snowy mountain, then make the "skiing level". Make this level a 20*100-150. This will make quite large, I know.. but it'll atleast be a good 2-3 minutes long! On the skiing map, make a parellel process event that'll move the hero down every .2 seconds. It should look somethin like this:

<>wait .2s
<>move hero... down

As simple as that. You can make obsticles and stuff if you want.. make it up, whatever you want. Just have fun! Now back to the Hut... leading us into Part 3!

=-(Part 3: The complex stuff!)-=
This isn't too complex, but, its not as easy as last time. In the hut, you can have a few npcs resting.. but make sure you have a guy/girl behind a counter that'll let you rent skis. You can make it cost money, but for now, lets make it free. Have a choice command saying:
"Hey, I want to ski right now!"
"Wait, let me think for a while."

Leave the second choice blank, but in the first one, add a set screentone that'll make the map black. (or white, whatever.) Now teleport the hero to the skiing map! Do a move event that changes the hero graphic to your skiing graphic. Make him face down, and set fix direction. You should have so far:

"Hey, I want to ski right now!"
-Setscreen tone black
-Teleport to map skiing
-Change hero graphic to skiing pose, face down, fix dir.

Now you can set the screen tone back to normal, and have a message saying what to do. Heres the controls for skiing:
Left= Move left
Right= Move right
Down= Speed up (as long as you hold it down)
Up= Slow down (as long as you hold it down)

=-(Part 4: Conclusion)-=
We have one thing left to do! ON the skiing map, at the bottem, have some "on event touch" events. When the hero touches these, teleport him back to the hut, change his graphic back to normal, and cancle fix direction. Make a message saying "You made it! Good job!".

There ya go. You are done. You just made a fun skiing mini game. Maybe add some obstacles the player has to avoid (set them to on event touch, gameover. This will make the have a gameover if he hits a rock/tree/another skier when he hits it.)

Have fun!