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Tutorial - 'BladeGun' by x_zero_x

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How to create a weapon which allows both ranged and melee attack and uses ammunition


What this system does:
Allows you to select ammunition from your item menu and use it, but ONLY if a character is equipped with a bladegun.


What you need to know about:
Common Events
Add/Remove Item command


This is really simple but for you noobs I apologise if you can't follow this, but I've tried my best because this is my first tutorial

1-press f8 to get into the database and create a cool gun animation

2-go to the skills section and create a gunblade shot skill -put the using message -shoots the enemy-
-IMPORTANT!-put the mp cost 0
-IMPORTANT!-put the basic effect on 90 and check HP

3-Now goto items and create a weapon called the gublade -classification :arms- IMPORTANT dont make the gunblade have the gun shot animation have it have the sword animation...Configure the damage and stuff as you wish, read on for a bit more info on that...

(A) Give the weapon a boost to your Mind stat
(B)Give the weapon a boost to your Attack power

Now that you've chosen this, go back and Configure the Gunblade shot skill. If the gunblade gave a boost to your Mind force, then change the skill so that it uses the "Mind Chance" guage to determine damage, and "Hit chance guage if it boosted your strength. This is so the weapon is contributing to the skill's power.

4-create 2 more items One of them should be called "Fake gunblade Bullet." Make it a "Common Goods" and give it whatever cost and description you like.

5-The other should be called "Real gunblade Bullet". Give it exactly the same cost and description as
"Fake gunblade Bullet" and make it a "Unique". Have it invoke the "gunblade shot Bullet" skill and make sure the only character capable of using it is the one who carries the gunblade. (Using the check boxes)

6-goto common events name the event -your characters name -gunblade...make it parrallel process for the sake of reconizing the character i will call the character Alex-

7-Select "Fork Conditions" Check "Hero", select "Alex" and select "Item Handgun is equipped". Add an ELSE case. hit the little "..." and put "gunblade is equipped"

8-Select "Change Variable", name a variable "Gunblade Bullet" have it set it to "Fake Gunblade Bullet" "owned number" Now "Add Item", add "Real Gunblade Bullet", equivalent to the variable "Gunblade Bullet" "Change Variable", "Pistol Bullet" variable, "Set" to 0
"Add Item", set it to Remove 99 "Fake Pistol Bullet"s

9-Under the ELSE Case...

-"Change Variable", "Pistol gunblade" have it set it to "Real gunblade Bullet" "owned number"
-"Add Item", add "Fake gunblade Bullet", equivalent to the variable "gunblade Bullet"
-"Change Variable", "Pistol Bullet" variable, "Set" to 0
"Add Item", have it Remove 99 "Real gunblade Bullet"s

~~~~~~~~~~Your code should look like this

<>If Alex = Handgun is Equipped
-<>Change Var:Var[0001:PistolBullet][Set]-Fake Pistol Bullet Hold Amount
-<>Chng Item Count:[Real Pistol Bullet]V[[0001][Add]
-<>Change Var:Var[0001:Pistol Bullet][Set]-0
-<>Chng Item Count:[Fake Pistol Bullet]99[Rem]
:ELSE Case
-<>Change Var:Var[0001:PistolBullet][Set]-Real Pistol Bullet Hold Amount
-<>Chng Item Count:[Fake Pistol Bullet]V[0001][Add]
-<>Change Var:Var[0001:Pistol Bullet][Set]-0
-<>Chng Item Count[Real Pistol Bullet]99[Rem]
:End Case


There is one drawback to this system: If one person is equipped with the right gun,
everyone who is down as being capable of using the item will be able to use it,
whether they have the weapon or not. I got round this problem by only having one gunman in my group.