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Tutorial - 'Regen/Blood items' by ATARI

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How to create an item that either gives or takes away hit points every so often.


Hi Folks, it's ATARI again. This time I'm going to talk about how to make blood/regen items for your rpg.

Now what exactly is this about? Well, this tutorial shows you how to make items that either after a certain period if time (say 14 seconds) will take away/give hp to your character in a cycle. (Note: This only works on the world map unless you have a cbs)

Now the first thing you need to do is make an item that will either take away or give health to your character. (In this tutorial we'll take away hp.) Make an 'other' item. Call it blood pendant. Have raise everything a decent amount. In the explanation make it say 'takes away 4 hp every so often.' Price it at 500. Hit apply and click on the common events tab.

Now in here make an event called 'blood pendant.' Set it to parrell process. First thing you want in it is a fork option that says 'if hero has blood pendant equipped...', then make a cycle. In it put a wait 20.0 seconds event, then a change hp event, that should look like this. Change HP: [hero] 4 decr. Simple enough. Under the else case, put 'break cycle.'

Now what this event is saying that if your hero has the blood pendant equipped it will take away 4 hp every 20 seconds. If hero doesn't have it equipped it will break this cycle. That's pretty simple.

Don't forget to add other heroes in other else cases, just make that last else case the break cylce event. Also change the hp to your hero's hp variable if you are using a CBS.

Good Luck
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