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Tutorial - 'Teleportation' by ATARI

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A system that allows you to teleport to places you've never been


Hi Folks, It's ATARI again. This time I'm going to talk about how to make a teleportation system that lets you teleport to places that you've been to before.

First thing you need is a town. (You probably have one made, but anyway), when you enter the town (for the first time) have an auto start event that turns on switch '{townname}' and switch '{townname}atuooff.' (It's in { - } represent where your town name would go. Now make another page in this event, set it to push key, have it's starting switch the '{townname}autoff' switch. Put nothing in the event. Now you've got a place for your hero to teleport to.

Next thing is to make a teleportation map. Make a totally black map, smallest size possible. Make an autostart event. We'll deal with the stuff in it later. Call it TELEPORTATION PLACE.

Next thing you need to make a skill to teleport you to this place. Make a skill, call it Teleport, have no sound effect, make MP 5 and make it a switch. Make it turn on switch 'teleport.' Make an explanation and click on your common event tab.

Make a new common event, set it to auto start, make the starting condition switch 'teleport.' First thing you want to put in is a wait event. Set it to 0.1 seconds. Next make a memorize hero position event. Use three variables, name them whatever. Now teleport them to your teleport map and disable the menu.

Go to TELEPORTATION PLACE. In that auto start event, make a fork option that says 'if your the switch you used for your town (switch {Townname}) is on, make message that says. "Want to teleport," or whatever. Now make a show choice option that has your town name, then the next choice is Cancel/Exit. Now under the town name switch. Wait 0.1, Teleport to your town, disable the teleport switch (turn off) and enable the menu. Under the exit case. Wait 0.1, Return to memorized place and enable menu, turn off the teleport switch. Next under the else case of your fork, put a message that says, "No where to go." Or something like that, anyway, wait 0.1 seconds, go back to memorized position, turn off teleport switch and enable system menu.

Pretty easy. For multiple towns, just make some more fork options and show choice events that fit with them. Don't forget your Cancel/Exit and more choices choices when you have multiple towns and such.

Good Luck.

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