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Tutorial - 'Nice Characterset Number' by skullfire

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A tutorial on using charactersets as numbers, while showing a nice layout.



Hello there RPG makers! I just wanted to show you a nice idea I had while doing my CBS. I wanted to make the CBS so that I could display as many numbers as I could. I started thinking of the possibilities:
A] Using pics: Well, the problem with this option was that I only had the option to make a MAX of 20 pics, when really, I needed 48...hehe... and that's just counting the numbers. I wanted to show this:
Hp Mp
Player 1 999/999 999/999
Player 2 999/999 999/999
Player 3 999/999 999/999
Player 4 999/999 999/999
Yeah, those are 48 numbers... no can do man...

B] Using charactersets was a nice option, since I had an "unlimited" amount of possible numbers. The problem I saw with this one was that the numbers appeared too big, and too separated. Damnit!

So, anyways... I thought of a 3rd idea... one that I hadn't heard of in any other tutorial. I asked myself: "How about making two events on the same position, and dividing the number's space by half?" Ands that's how I started working on this option! The conclusion I had was that numbers appeared close as pics, nice as pics, and unlimited as charactersets! YEAH!


Well, first off, I'd like for you to download a numberset on the following address:
To be able to download this, you should first go to the main site ( and then put the address on the Go to bar.
This pic is a characterset, which you have to save to your own charactersets folder, and then save it as a .png.
Once you do this, you're ready to work with it.

Ok, let's start with the programming. First off, this are the following Variable and switch explanations:
0001:hundreds this will be the hundreds number... for example on the HP=213, the hundreds is the 2.
0002:tens this will be the tens number... for example on the HP=213, the tens is the 1.
0003:ones this will be the ones number... for example on the HP=213, the ones is the 3.
0001:HP Display This will be a switch that will show all the numbers.

Now, make an autostart event on the map of the CBS (or whatever you're doing) and put down the following code:

Variable CH: 0001-0003 SET Hero1HP
Variable CH: 0001 MOD 1000
Variable CH: 0002 MOD 100
Variable CH: 0003 MOD 10
Variable CH: 0001 - 0002
Variable CH: 0002 - 0003
Variable CH: 0001 / 100
Variable CH: 0002 / 10

Now make a second page on the same event that will have an event condition of SWITCH 0001 ON.
Ok, now lets make a new event, call it "Hundreds", and make 10 pages. On the second page, on the Event start conditions, check the switch checkbox and choose 0001(HP display) ON. Now, check variable checkbox and choose 0001(hundreds). put the value on 1. Do the same on all pages, rising the number on the var. box per page, until you reach the ninth page with a var. value of 9.
On the first page of this event, on the graphic, select the one on the 3rd colum on the 2nd row, and SELECT the Face direction down and Pattern Middle. On the second page, use the same especifications put with the face direction to the left.
And so on and so on with the pages.
Now, copy this event, and paste it right next to it... on the right side. Change the name on this event to "Ones"and change the event start conditions, on every page, the variable to 0003:ones.
Now, paste another copy of the hundreds event, and put it anywhere you like. Change it's name to "Tens" and change the event start conditions, on every page, the variable to 0002:tens. Now, on the graphics of this event, you have to choose on the first page(for the one) the second column on row one. this number is a number that is moved a bit to the left. Do the same for all pages, changing the numbers on the right, to the left.
This way, we now have three numbers specified. Oh! I forgot! on the Autostart event, before every other command, choose the Set Event Position(second page) and choose the event tens, and put it right on the same spot as the ones event.
Now, play your game, and there you have it! A "3 number" HP display on 2 event positions!!
If you want to do the same as I did on my cbs, that is, to do a 48 pic display:
Hp Mp
Player 1 999/999 999/999
Player 2 999/999 999/999
Player 3 999/999 999/999
Player 4 999/999 999/999

You have to do the same as this code but using different vars.

Anyways, if you have any comments of my tutorial, don't hesitate on commenting. Sorry if you got lost... but hey, I thought to make it as easy to explain as possible.

Good luck!