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Tutorial - 'Sprint Shoes' by ATARI

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How to create the item from FF6 that doubles speed


Hi Folks, it's ATARI again, this time I'm going to talk about how to make yourself some sprint shoes.

Now what are sprint shoes? Well their from FF6, but anyway, when you equip them, you move twice as fast. Now isn't that cool? So how do you do it? This tutorial will tell you how.

First, go into your database and make an item. Call it 'Running Shoes,' set the classification to 'other' and set the price to 2500. Make up your own explantaion. Make all heros be able to equip it, and leave everything unchecked and blank. Hit apply and go into your common events tab

In here make a common event called equipped. Have it set to parrel process. In the coding, make a fork option that says, "if hero has running shoes equipped", it turns on switch 'Running Shoes." Make a the same thing under the else cases for your other heroes.

Now make another common event, set it to auto start, name it Running Shoes Event. Set it's start condition switch to the 'running shoes' switch. Now in the common events, select the move event option. Then in it, set it to move hero speed up once (or however many times as you want). That is all you need in that event.

Now Make another common event make it a parrel process and call it 'running shoes non-equipped event', that says "if hero DOESN'T have running shoes equippped" it turns off the running shoes switch. Then make a variable called running shoes, set it to 1. Make the same cases (with switches and variable) for the other heros among the else cases.

Now Make another common event, call it 'move speed down for running shoes' set it to autostart, in it have a fork that says "if variable running shoes is set to 1" it moves hero's speed down however many times you moved it up.

That was really easy! Now you've made your own running shoes for your RPG.

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