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Tutorial - 'Successful Ripoffs' by Angroth

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Making a good ripoff, cover it up and get it recognised.


This should hopefully tell you everything you need or might want to know about when creating a direct clone or ripoff and possible ways to camoflage what you have done and escape actions. Then the second section will tell you some ways in which to get your game recognised.
- Choose the game and make sure you’ve played it. You should only ripoff a game you liked in the first place.
- You need to do any research or queries to find out not only what you thought made the game great but most important what the general public thought was good and bad.
- Now you write down all the good things on one piece of paper and all the bad things on the other. When creating the game you must now ensure that you include none of the flaws and if the flaws were things such as bad graphics or shoddy sounds, just make sure yours are better.
- All of the good things you must literally (and it is possible) tear the good things out of the other game (you can copy events and maps remember!) so that they are untainted and remain the same and therefore good (but it never seems to work).
- Get someone to play test your game in secret and tell you anything that could be improved even the slightest.
- Touch up your game and throw in extra custom engines for mini games or put a bit more effort on some of the area’s etc to make the game crisp (no not that kind!) Possibly put some new innovations in the game which the original did not have.

After this you can release your game and hopefully you should have the better game with what you’ve done. The worst thing possible is that you get a game that is parallel in quality, just think, unless you tossed on the story, it cant have gone wrong! The chances are many people hadn’t played the game you ripped and won’t know you ripped it thus meaning, when they play it, IT will be a lesser ripoff / clone of your game heh heh. And your game will be remembered over the original for its new style. Obviously much can go wrong but if your not an arse it shouldn’t go biscuits on you.

‘You ripped off my game, I’m gonna kill you and tell everyone!!’
Your replies consist of:
‘Ripoff? It must have been pure coinsidental! Sorry, no harm meant.’
‘Hah! What you gonna do? Mine is superior!’
‘Oh I didn’t realise. I was inspired by your game but didn’t think I copied it much.’
As you can see the come backs can vary from aggressive to passive. There’s plenty of things to say depending on how you feel and what you want the people to think.

And finally how to cover up your game and make it look or seem (at first glance) as an original and not a direct clone as such.
The main factor is making the characters have different names (because that is one ultimate rippy ripper thing to do) and the next important thing is to make sure your story, even if similar, is different to an extend. The more different the merrier. It is also wise to give the game and characters some different history, you can make them have the same personality if you wish but change some of what has happened to them and the realm in which they reside.
Generally this is obvious stuff and all you have to remember is the more little alterations you make the more it creeps away from the direct clone section, which is nice!

And now it comes to recognision time, you want your game to be know, how do you go about it? Well, here are just some of the things you could do:
- Post the link to the game on the forums at Gaming World (even if people don’t download they will certainly become aware). If you choose to do this then you must ensure that you have included the most amazing things about the game into a paragraph, hey who said being a conman doesn’t get you anywhere?
- Similar to above but not quite as good (more effective for long term) is to get your game added to the sticky post in the forums which shows all of the games being made and games with available download (this is worth doing).
- Now comes the important part, the more people you know, the better. If you know people then this part is easier because your ‘connections’. You must try and get your game download on every website… not literally but every gaming website about the maker. If the site doesn’t add your game; try again; ask why; but don’t stop your merciless wrath until your game is on the site and then move to the next. If lots of gaming sites that people check out happen to have your game then its chances of download increase and then people will think ‘my gosh what a good game’ or ‘that was a bit arse’, hopefully not the latter.
Remember, getting people to download your game is a good 80% of the battle. After that you just need to make sure people remember your name. It could take more than one good game to get you famous. Much like Kamau with Legion Saga because it was good but it was really Legion Saga II that got Kamau even more in the limelight.
- One of the last things you can do is make a website yourself and get it noticed in similar ways to above with your game. Becoming an affiliate of sites always helps. To make a site I would go on and sign up. Its simple and fast and you can put your game on it.
Polls are always good for finding out what people think about your game. Ask what do you think should be improved? Or what would you rate this game? Etc, to get a better idea.

Alrighty then, what have we learnt today kind sir? It would seem we know that ripoffs can turn out good and a malevolent persisting can get your game posted but who will attempt such a folly? I know for certain I wont…..
I can’t remember exactly what I’ve said and what I havent therefore I will shut up and crawl away into a corner somewhere and probably die, nevertheless until next time if I don’t see you round, I’ll see you square!