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Tutorial - 'Items in your CMS' by fyreflie

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How to create items in your CBS


Items in a Custom Menu System (CMS)

By Fyreflie

This is my second tutorial, and this time I am going to expand on my tutorial by explaining what exactly you can do in a cms. Some things will be briefly explained, while others will be explained in more depth.

This is one of the most tedious things in a cms. It is actually pretty simple, though. You must create an event for every item. My version on this is to work with the dbs.


*Create an item. Call it potion; cure 50 HP, all party members.
*Make a map for the item list in the cms.
*Create an event. Condition Item Potion Hold. Common Char below recommended.
*Message: Use a potion?
*Show Choice: Yes/No
*Yes Case: HP Change, All members, 50 recovery.
*Remove Item, 1 Potion.

This will work in the DBS because in battle you will use the item the way you made it in the database.

If you want it to be for 1 party member, you can just put in some fork conditions and show choice!

MP Potion

This is basically the same as a HP potion, except that you do an mp recovery command. You could even combine these two!


*Create Sword Item
*Event, condition item sword hold, common char below.
*Message: Equip Sword?
*Show Choice: Yes/No
*Yes Case: Equip Item, Sword

You can do this for all sorts of equippable items!

Cure conditions

*Create Antidote
*Event, condition item Antidote hold, common char below.
*Message: Use Antidote?
*Show Choice: Yes/No
*Yes Case: Change condition, cancel condition, poison.
*Remove Item, Antidote 1.

Do this for any other stat condition!

Cure conditions

*Create "Hp Apple"
*Event, condition item "Hp Apple" hold, common char below.
*Message: Use "Hp Apple"?
*Show Choice: Yes/No
*Yes Case
*Show Choice-, which party member
for each party member Change Ability, Every Ability Cost, Ability Cost Type, Max HP.
*Remove Item, Hp Apple, 1.

You can do this for any other stat, too.

Please give me your feedback, and tell me how i can improve upon this system. And don't go around distributing it without my permission. (like you would anyway...)