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Tutorial - 'SMRPG curtain minigame' by dragonheartman

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How to create the minigame on SMRPG where you avoid getting shown up to booster by hiding!


Mario RPG curtain minigame

This is the minigame on SMRPG where you avoid getting shown by booster who is opening curtains

A curtain opening and closing charset
Knowledge of Forks and Switches

We need to make a map first, 20x15. I will be using a lovely diagram of mine, so bear with me:

[ ] = one free space to stay
[c]= a curtain space
[p]= person looking for

[ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ]

On all free spaces, we need to number them one to five (left to right, [1][2][3][4][5])
Now, we make the free space that you are currently on activate it’s designated number switch and deactivate any other activate the switches of the numbered space that are ajacent to the current space you are standing on… confused? Here’s some sample coding (all of which are “at hero touch”):

Space #1
Change switch “space 1” ON
Change switch “space 2” OFF

Change switch “space 2”ON
Change switch “space 1”OFF
Change switch “space 3”OFF

Change switch “space 3”ON
Change switch “space 2”OFF
Change switch “space 4”OFF

Change switch “space 4”ON
Change switch “space 5”OFF
Change switch “space 3”OFF

Space #5
Change switch “space 5” ON
Change switch “space 4” OFF

Easy, right… now we make the person who looks behind the curtains to try and find your hero. You can customize this person’s movement patterns later. For now, you can follow my diagram. Set your seeker to move to the left twice, and face up (parallel process). Wait time afterwards is how challenging you want the minigame to be. Set the curtains to open. Then, since the seeker is facing space 1, have a fork condition to see if switch “space 1” is ON set (with an else case). If it is, there is the space your hero is standing, and your hero is captured! What happens after that is up to you! Under the else case, close the curtain and set your seeker’s movement left three times (make his speed a little faster), and face up. Now he is facing space 4, so set the curtains to open up again and have a fork statement to see if switch 4 is ON set, an if it is, you are seen by the seeker again. Make sure to close the curtains. Now the game gets harder. Under the else case of that last fork, have another seeker come in to search for your hero, so set one seeker to face space 2, and have the other seeker to face space 5. Make both curtains open, and have two more separate forks, one to see if switch “space 2” is ON set, and the other to see if switch “space 5” is ON set. If either of those are on, you are captured! Under else case, set the seekers to face another curtain, and so on…

There, another tutorial not on GW by me. You can really build off this idea, so I hope that helps. Any of you reading this, good luck on your games!

-dragonheartman (5th)