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Tutorial - 'Lockpick' by InfiniteToughGuy

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How to create a lockpick item


Have you ever wondered how to make a Lockpick in your game?
Well,wonder no more! Cuz im gonna teach ya how to Lockpick!
This is my second tut (i sent a tut but GW did not post it)
Note:I wrote this after adding it to my game & it works Juuust fine!

Here's how to do it:

First go to your Database
Click the items tab
Create these items: LckPck1,LckPck2,LckPck3 & LckPck4
Now go to your map
Make a door for your house (Or any other thing)
Page One Coding:
<> Msg:Pick Lock?
<> Show choice: Yes/No
<> [Yes] Case
<> LABEL (Lets say 10)10No.
<> Msg:Input LockPicking Method
;Lets use my numbers
<> Input Number: 6 Dg. [####:LockPick]
<> FORK Optn:Varb[####:Lockpick]106845 Same ELSE Case On
<> Play SE: Switch 1 (Optional)
<> Wait: 1.0s.
<> Msg: Correct!
<> Add/Remove Item:LckPck1->1 Incr.
<> Msg: Continue?
<> Show choice: Yes/No
;The other ones are the same but change the msg's To: Input 2nd LockPick Method,3rd,4th & Final Lockpick method.change

the add item.After the 3rd Lockpick Don't put the Msg:Continue? & the Choice Yes/No.Change the numbers too: 2nd:995674 3rd:576845

& 4th & Final: 999940.After the last LockPick,Put a fork with no else & Make it LckPck1 Item got & So on with the other LckPck's.

Under that fork Add: Change Switch Door Open ON Then Put a Msg:You Picked the Lock! & then Decrease the LckPck items.

In all the forks Else Cases Add: Msg: Wrong Method!.In all the No Case's for the Continue Msg Decr. All LckPck's & finished!

Page two of the door event:
The Graphic is the same.Event Condition's:Switch: Door open ON
Put the coding However you want your door to open & Etc.

Now Lets Make Something that Tells the hero the LockPick Method's.Lets say,A Paper (You can get it from Resources)
Here's The Coding:
Msg: [Name]:Hmmm. Whats This?
;Name is your Hero's Name
Msg: Write this down!106845

Improving the LockPick System:
You can improve this system in many ways.Here's one of them:

If you improve it this way,if the Officer/Guard See's you,The Officer/Gaurd will catch you while you are Lockpicking.
I don't know how to do this but if can discover,E-Mail me

Copyright:You can do whatever you want this Tut,But don't change it!& if you use it,give credit to me like this: Special Thanks:Nightmare for LockPick
Pls Call me my former Name: Nightmare & not InfiniteToughGuy
Also,try to keep this in your mind:Brigandine is the best Startegy/RPG,Make a tut for it Oh RPGMasters!
Or make a Tut for a Strategy/RPG (Cuz i don't want it,I NEED IT!!!) & oh,my drawing isn't good in a comp,Somebody,
Pease Teach Me! Thanks for reading this tut!