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Tutorial - 'Creating a 2 Player System' by Shinan

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Learn how to create a simple 2 Player System


2 Player System
By:Metal Gear

First of all people might think that this
is a stupid idea but this is the easiest
2 Player System that I can think of.
But it's worth it.

There are two mainly options on making a 2 Player System.

1.First is that you can make a 2 Player System by
using common events and parallel process and fork conditions but
that not why we are here for, that's to hard for me to explain.

2.Third way is when the first player did the right event or
when he/she finneshes a bad guy or a boss the second player
makes his turn/movement.

If you already happen to know how to make a 2 Player System,
Then you don't wanna read this turturial because you might
not even learn anything new but that is optional.

The Second Way:

First you need to make a new event after the first player,
and it can be anywhere the map but the Hero should be going near it.

First player here and new event there.

Second, you need to make the event have no graphics and
on Event Start Condition make it have On Hero Touch and
last of all,Position should be Below Hero.

Third,that was the easist part and here goes the easy/hard part.
On the new evnt you put out put a Move Event and make the Hero
change into what the other player looks like.

<>Move Event...: Hero, Change Graphic

Fourth,Go and put teleport in the new event where the Hero will
teleport and turn into the other player.

Hero here Teleport over there.

This is what your work should be looking like right now:
<>Move Event...: Hero, Change Graphic

Fifth,notice (???,???) above? Well,that's where the numbers are
when you point your mouse to where the Hero should be teleporting to.
This is the easist part on 2 Player history,put a message that say:
2 Player's Turn!

<>Move Event...: Hero, Change Graphic
<>Messg:2 Player's Turn!

Sixth,change 1 player's party and remove the one player's party
and ADD two player's party, for example Alex's party will be
remove and Brian's party will be ADDED.

It should look like this:
<>Move Event...: Hero, Change Graphic
<>Messg:2 Player's Turn!
<>Change Hero's Party:Alex->Remv
<>Change Hero's Party:Brian->Add

Last,do the same thing on the 2 Player's Turn,when he finneshesh a turn,
just do the same thing as the 1 Player would do but this time, add 1 plaer's
party and remove 2 player's party and change 2 player's graphics onto 1
Player's graphics and just make the 2 player transport where the ! player was

Congratulations! You just made a 2 Player System! If you would like an example of this 2 Player System feel free to download my 2 Player System!