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Tutorial - 'Lockpicks' by the_pyromaniac

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A tutorial on lockpicks in rm2k


The other day i read a tutorial about lockpick. This tutorial was using password to unlock door.This gave me the idea of making one but with variable. For this tutorial you MUST know variable, choice, message thing and fork condition

Make the map and all.Make a door in the event editing mode.Now enter and make something like:
Messg: Hero:Shall I pick the lock?
Show Choice yes/no
Create variable that you will call LockPick lvl
Create a fork condition that will have as condition that variable lvl is 0 with else case
In the first case(not the “else” one) make that the variable LockPick(create it if it don’t exist)
Is random between 1-10.Now put an other fork condition with the esle case.Put as condition that variable Lockpick is 5.Create the variable LockPick Exp. Now in the first case change the variable LockPick Exp by adding 1.You can show a Message Like “You succefully pick the lock” Put a switch on to make that the door will be unlocked.
At the else case, put a message with something like:You failed picking the lock.
Copy the first Fork condition and paste it in the first else case.Change the condition to be 1 and not 0. On the variable thing lower it to something like 1-9 or 1-8.You can continue doing that for the number of lockpicking lvl you want(if you want 10 lvl make 10 fork condition).
For the levelling go in the common event.Create a parralell process that you will call:LockPick Lvling.Because you may want to make multiple lvl or change the exp need to lvl up, i will only give a code exemple.
Fork Condition with condition that variable LockPick Exp is 20.No Else case. Change variable LockPick Exp to 0.Change Variable LockPick Lvl to 1.

Its all. Because it’s my first tutorial it may be a bit... well sucky. I may have forgot some thing so if you have any question or to ask GOOd comment, e-mail me