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Tutorial - 'Cheat Codes' by ATARI

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ATARI teaches us how to create cheat codes for use in our rm2k games!


Hi folks. It's ATARI again. This time I'm going to talk about how to make cheat codes for your rpg.

Things you'll need to know
1. Forks
2. Variables
3. Switches

The first thing you want to do is decide how you want the cheating to work. You can have it that when you press ceratain buttons you can do it. (Kinda like some games you hit enter and type it in or whatever,) You can have it that it is accseable in the menu as a function (CMS only) or as an item. (CMS or DBS).
Now since you can't type things using rm2k, you'll have to settle for number cheat codes. Yay.

1. Cheat Codes using an item.
Okay. First thing you want to do is make a new item. Call it 'Cheat System' or something to that affect. Make it a 'switch' item. Make it's price 0. Description anything. Make it turn on switch, "Cheat System." Make a new common event. Call it "Cheat System." Make it's event start condition, "AUTO START" and it's apperance condition switch, switch "Cheat System." Make a wait event for 0.1 seconds. Now there are 2 ways to do the following. I'll show you both.

Way A:
Then memorize your position, use variables, "Cheat X," "Cheat Y" and "Cheat ID." Just guess which ones you use for what. Next Teleport to a new map. This new map is for your cheating map. Then remove the Cheat System Item. Now hit apply and make a new item. Name it the same thing. Same explanation, except make it a "Common Goods" type item. Under your remove the "Cheating System" item, add this new "Cheat System (2)" item. (The (2) shows that it is the other one. Don't actually name it Cheating System (2), it's only for this tutorial. Finally, turn off the "Cheating System Switch." The code should look like this.

<>Wait: 0.1
<>Memory Place: [xxxx][xxxx][xxxx]
<>Teleport: xxxx:CheatMap:[place](xx,xxx)
<>Add/Remove Item:Cheat System-> 1 Decr.
<>Add/Remove Item:Cheat System-> 1 Incr.
<>Change Switch : [xxxx:Cheat System]-OFF SET
Now all you have to do in your cheating map is make an event. Set it to autostart. Make a label event with an unsed label number. Then make a message that says. "What do you wish to do?" Then show a choice that has
Under the Cheat set. Choose any number you want to be a cheat code. Then make an input number event. Choose 6 digits, Store in variable "Cheat System" Then under that make a fork option that says "IF variable 'Cheat System' is equal to [your cheat code number], then," then you make it do something like add 50 potions or whatever. Under the else case, make a message that says, "Failure." Then go back to label. Under the LEAVE case, go to the memorzied postion, the remove the "Cheat System (2)" item and add the "Cheat System" item. Yayness! You are done.

Way B:
Just take the message stuff (the label event up to the leave case.) And put it there. Under the leave case, just turn off the "Cheating System" Switch. Congradulations. You're done with that way.

2. Cheat Codes as a Function (CMS only)
It's the same as above, either Way A or Way B, except instead of using a common event, you use an event on the CMS that just does it all. (On top of the place you can select to do that on your CMS) (Disregard all the stuff with the item and such, but NOT the switches)

3. Button Press Cheating.
Now make a new common event. Set it to parrell process. Name it "Cheating System." In it, make an enter password event. Select the 1,2,3,4, box. Don't click the wait until key is hit box. Choose Variable, "Cheating System Up". Do the same again, except use variable, "Cheating System Down." Do it again, except don't use 1,2,3,4, use (5). Use variable "Cheating System Enter." Now below that, make a fork option. Make it say, "If variable 'cheating system up' is equal to 4," then below it, "If variable 'cheating system down' is equal to 1," and below that "If variable 'cheating system' is equal to 5," then underneath that, have it "If switch 'cheating system false," is off, then below it either do Way A (without item thing of course) or Way B. Now whats with the 'Cheating System True' switch? Well, some places you don't won't your character to be able to go to the place and cheat. Kinda like a cut-scene, important scene or maybe on your CMS or CBS. When you don't want them to be able to access it, turn on this switch.

Thats basically it. You can mess around with making all different number cheat codes and what they do.

Good Luck
"Even the greatest gamers were n00bs."