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Tutorial - 'Party Change System' by Mekesss

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A simple tutorial that lets you learn the basics behind a change party system!


eres a quick turtorial on how to make a simple map so you can switch characters.

First, lets set up some switches and variables. First get into a switch editor and create the following switches, one for *EACH* of your character.

- -Character name- found (This is for all the characters you "found" in your adventure, or have access too. This is optional, but, its good to have if you want to keep the story of the game "hidden")
- -Character name- in party (This is to show that your character is in the party, required.)
- -Character name- not in party (This is to show that the character is *NOT* in the party.)

The only variable you have is "# of party members", put it somewhere and make it a 3

common event: Pararel process.
Change variable: Set, Party Members

1. Create a new map. It should look kinda like a huge inn or a house, just to make it look "good" (Of course, it can be anything or anywhere you want.)

2. Create a small 3-man counter, and put 3 events behind it, with character sprites (Namely, different color mogs. Everyone finds Mogs to be helpful!) Name one of the events "Party Clear", another "Equipment Remover", and another "Explanation" (The 3rd one is optional)

3. Now, with your house/inn/whatever finished, place as many character events as there are choosable characters in your game, for an example, lets start out with... 10 characters, and name them thusley.

4. Now comes the coding. Click on "Party Clear", and edit his events.

In the event editor box, put the following:

No switches, no variables
Push Key, Same Level

In the editor...
Message: Would you like to clear all the characters? Everyone but "Main Character" will be removed.
Change all the switches of "Character in party" to off.
Change all the switches of "character not in party" to on.
Remove *ALL* members except for the lead character.
Message: Characters removed, have a nice day!
Message: If you change your mind, come back.

5. Now open up equipment remover

No switches, no variables
Push key, same level

In the editor...
Message: Do you want *ALL* equipment removed from *ALL* characters?
Change equipment: remove all.
Message: The deed is done.
Message: If you want to remove equipment, come to me!

6. Now comes the boring part. Lets open up one of the character events.

*Character name* found - ON
*Character name* not in party - ON
Push key, same level

In the editor...
Set face: *Characters face*
Message: *Character says something cool*
Message: Want me to join your party?
Change switch: *Character name* NOT in party OFF
Change switch: *character name* IN party - ON
Add Member: *Character name*
Message: Lets rock 'em!
Message: As you wish, but I'm gettin' bored...
Clear message setting and face settings.


*Character name* in party - On
Push key, same level

In the editor...
Message: Already in party.


Variable: # of members in party - Is 4 or above.

In the editor...
Message: Maximum members reached!

7. Now, do that for each character you want to have, putting in there name for the switches/characters adding, etc. Could take a while.

8. And you're done! You can switch some things around, make it smoother or have them say different stuff, etc etc. Well, good luck, hope this helps in choosing party members! :D