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Tutorial - 'Enhacing Items/Transmutation of Items' by ATARI

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ATARI teaches us how to use switches and forks to magically enhance and improve an item!


Hi folks. It’s ATARI agian. This time I’m going to talk about how to magically enhance a weapon. Like,
making a regular a sword a posionous sword.
Part of tutorial service, requested by Funk.

Things you’ll need to know to use this tutorial.
1. Switiches
2. Fork Options
3. Password functions

Okay dokey. Basically this tutorial will be similar to the hoadric cube in Diablo 2. You stick stuff in,
transmute and see what you get. The first thing you’re going to need to do, is make two new items. For this tutorial, the weapon we will be enhacing is a Long sword and we will be making it a weapon that
inflict poision damage. Make a new item. Call it Posinous Long sword. Set it to weapon, make the
statistic and stuff for it all the same, now make the change condition to poision. Hit apply. Below that
item, make another item. Make it a common good. Call it a “Posion Crystal.” Set it’s price to 2. (If you want it too be buyable, make it 900). Set it’s explanation as, “Holds a strange posionous liquid inside.” Now make yet another item. Call it “Fusion Amulet” or something. Make it a switch item. Make it’s price 0. Set it to unlimited uses, explanation to whatever you want, but to the effect that it can combine weaposn and crystals. Make it turn on switch, “FusionAmulet.” Next, make another “Fusion Amulet” tab, except this time, make it a common goods. No price, same description. Hit apply and click on the common events tab.

Now in here, make a new common event. Call it “Fusion Amulet.” Make it an AUTOSTART even and set it’s starting condition switch to “FusionAmulet.” Make a new chipset, except have no graphics for it. Call it “FusionAmulet Map.” Now hit ok and make a new map. Set the chipset to “Fusion Amulet.” Make it the smallest possible size. Call it Fusion Amulet The backround should be completely black and it should be moviable. Now make a new event. Set it to a “Push Key” event. Make it’s graphics, the graphics of a sword. This will be our, “Long Sword.” Make it’s position ‘Below Hero.’ Hit ok. This all we will do here for now. Go back into your database (f8) and go under your “Fusion Amulet” Common Event. Now the first thing you want to put in is a ‘wait.’ Make it wait for 0.1 seconds. Next memorize the heros position, use variables “HeroX,” “HeroY,” and “HeroID.” Next teleport to your Fusion Amulet Map, top left corner. Remove the normal Fusion Amulet and then add the common goods Fusion Amulet. Then turn off the “FusionAmulet” Switch. Code should look like this.

<>Wait: 0.1s
<>Memory Place: [xxx] [xxx] [xxx]
<>Teleport: xxxx:Fusion Amulet:[place] (000,000)
<>Add/Remove Item:Fusion Amulet-> 1 Decr.
<>Add/Remove Item:Fusion Amulet-> 1 Incr.
<>Change Switch: [xxxx:FusionAmulet]-OFF Set

Now you have sucesfully teleported to your Fusion Amulet Map. (It should match 000,000 since it is in
Top Left Corner.) Now move the event right below where you teleported. On the first display a message
that says “Long sword.” And it’s starting switch should be “LongSwordTrue.” Nothing else. Make a new page. Make it’s graphics and position and everything the same. Make it’s starting switch, “Transmuting,” and “LongSwordTrue.” In the event thing, display a message that says, “Choose Long Sword to Transmute?” Then below have a choice of Yes or No. In the [no] case have a message that says. “Okay.” We will deal with the [Yes] case later. So what exactly is up with the “LongSwordTrue” and the “Transmuting” Switch? That is what we are getting to. Go under your common events, make a new common event called “WeaponTrue.” Have no starting switch. Set it to parrell process. Make a new fork option that says “If [LongSword] (weapon) is owned, then” (it would be displayed as FORK optn: Long Sword Item Got) turn onswitch “LongSwordTrue.” Next below it in the else case, have the same fork option, except below that fork have another that says “If [hero] has[longsword] equipped, then” you would turn off switch “LongSwordTrue.” In the else cases, do that for all the heroes. Finally under the last blank else case, turn off switch “LongSwordTrue.” This is so that if you have the item, it will show up, if you have the item and it is equipped it won’t show up. Simple enough. Hit apply and hit OK.

Next, go back on to your Fusion Amulet map. Make a new event at the very bottom right corner. Make
it’s graphics and exit sign graphic or some sort. In there, return to memorized place using variables
“HeroX,” “HeroY” and “HeroID.” The Add/Remove the common goods fusion amulet, and then add the real Fusion amulet. Now to the left of that, make another event. Set it’s graphics to a sign or something, this is our transmuting button. (By the way, both of these events positions are “Below Hero”.) Make it display a message that asks, “Would you like to fuse 2 items together?” Then make a show choice thing that has a “[Yes]” case and a “[No]” case. Under the “[No]” case, make it display a message that says,
“Okay then,” or something to that effect. Easy enough? Under the yes case, make it display a message that says, “Please choose a weapon to transmute with.” Then turn on switch, “Trasnmuting, thus the explanation of the “Trasnmuting” switch. On the transmuting event, make a new page, that has the starting condition siwtch “Transmuting.” Have it’s graphics the same and below hero. Make it display, “Stop Transmuting?” Then display choices, “[yes]” and “[no].” Under the no case make a message that says “Okay then.” Or something. In the yes case, have a message that says, “Transmutating has stopped.” Turn off switch, “Transmuting.” Now let’s go back to the weapon. Under the “[Yes]” case,
make it turn on switch, “LongSwordTrans.” Then make it display the message, “What would you like to transmute it with?” Now make a fork option that is “If [posion crystal] is owned, then,” you would display the following choices, “[Poision Crystal],” and “[Nevermind].” Under the nevermind case, make it turn off switch “Transmuting,” and display message, “Trasnmutation process has been stopped.” Under the “[Poision Crystal]” case, make a fork option, that would basically be “If switch [LongSwordTrans] is on, then” you would remove the item “Long Sword,” And make the screen flash, make it wait while flasing, play a sound effect and then add the enhaced Long Sword Item with added posion.

Congradulations. You have sucesfully made a transmutation/item enhancer system for your game. You can add more crystals, like Lighting Crystals, Mind Crystals, etc. and also do more items too. If you run out of space on your map for all your weapons, just make it bigger to fit the necisarry size for all your weapons to be stored.

Thats bascially it.
Good Luck,
“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”