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Tutorial - 'FFX Style Airship' by ATARI

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A tutorial describing how to mimic an FFX airship in rm2k


Hi folks. It’s ATARI again. This time I’m going to talk about how to make an Airship. This airship is based
on the one from FFX. This is the first tutorial from ATARI’s Tutorial Service. This tutorial was Requested
by Legacy_Eden.

Things that you will need to know to use this tutorial
1. Variables
2. Enter Password Commands
3. Fork Options
4. Switches
5. Knowledge of where things are on in the event options.

Okay. You might know that the FFX game airship can be accessed at save points. Let’s talk about that

So basically at your save point (If you don’t have a save point, all you have to do is have the save menu
disabled at all times, and make an event that is push key on certain maps with a save point graphics,
then show choices, “save,” and “nothing,” (we’ll also have “airship” in there too) and in the “save” option,
call the save menu.) make another choice, make it “Access Airship.” Then teleport to your airship. Okay
dokey. That’s all you need at your save points. Now in the ship, you can get to places by ‘auto-fly’ ‘X, Y
cord’ ‘Regular Flying.’ First however, we want to be able to choose where we want to go. Before we can
do this though, go into your database (F8) and under a new chipset number, select your world map
chipset. Make it so you can move anywhere. Now in FFX when you “talk” to your navigation thing, you
auto fly, you can’t autofly if you don’t know where your going. So make pilot. Make it show a message
that says “What would you like to do?” Or something like that. Then show the following choices. “Select
Location” “X,Y Coordinate Location” “Fly” and “Nothing.”
We will first deal with the “Select Location” choice first

The first thing you want to do is access your database. (F8) Choose an unused chipset number. Make it’s
graphics the same as your world map’s chipset. Do nothing to the chipset because we want everything to
be passable. Hit ok. Now under the “Select Location” Choice, do the following. Wait 0.1 sec, erase
screen, change hero graphics to a cursor type graphic, disable the system menu, teleport to the middle of
your world map, wait 0.4 seconds, change the chipstet to the new chipset you just added into the
database, wait 0.1, turn on switch “Selecting Location,” and wait 0.1 and show screen. Now on your
world map, make a new event. Set it’s graphics to the default pink (we want this event to be invisible in
the game) make it a parrell process. Name it Selecting Location Event. Have it’s starting condition
switch “Selecting Location.” Now make a new enter password event. Use variable, “AutoFly5Pass.” Select
the (5) button and unchecked the “Wait until key is hit” option. Below that, make another new enter
password event. In it have the same things, except you want to check the (6) option and use variable
“AutoFly6Pass.” Now below those, make a fork option that has the following. “If variable ‘AutoFly5Pass’
is equal to 5, then” make a message that says “Would you like to select this location?” Then show a
choice that has “Yes,” and “No.” Under, “No” put nothing. Under “Yes,” memorize hero position using
variables “LocationID,” “LocationX”, and “LocationY,” wait 0.1, erase screen, change the chipset back to
normal, wait 0.1, turn off switch “Selecting Location,” Put variables “AutoFly5Pass” and “AutoFly6Pass”
both to 0, teleport back to the airship map, wait 0.1, show screen, and the finally enable the system

Now when you talk to the navigation thing, you go to that place. So make your navigation system event,
make it’s graphics anything you want. Make it display message “What do you wish to do?” Then show the
choices, “Go to Selected Location,” “Go to Stored Location,” and “Nothing.” Under the “Go To Selected
Location,” Make a fork option that says “If variable LocationID, is above 0, then” go to memorized
position. In the else case make a message that says “No Selected Location to go to!!”

The next part is the “Go to Stored Location.” This basically allows you to go to any place that you have
been. (This doesn’t include places on the world map, only like towns and etc.) When you first enter a
place, turn on a switch with the towns name. Then under the go to stored location thing, make fork
options with show choice commands and such for the “stored” locations.

Under the nothing part just put a message that says “okay then.” That’s it.

[X and Y Coordinates]
The X and Y Coordinates option allows you to go somewhere on the world map with specified X and Y
Coordinates. Of course, what good is this if you can’t even tell what X and Y position you are at. Go into
your database (f8) make a new item. Call it X and Y Postioner. Make it’s price like 5000 or whatever you
want it to be. (You can also have it non sellable if you want to) Make it’s item type “switch.” Make it’s
explanation whatever you want it to be. Make it turn on switch, “XYPostion.” Hit apply and go into the
common events tab. Make a new common event. Call it XY Positioner Item. Make it AUTOSTART and it’s
starting switch “XyPostion.” The first thing you want to do is make a new change variable event. Go into
the change variable option, choose variable, “X Position,” Set it’s Set to Set. Set it’s operand to event.
Choose the event you want to do it on “hero.” In the next drop box choose X Coordinate. Hit ok. Do it
again, except have it variable “Y Position,” and choose Y Coordinate instead of X Coordinate. Hit ok. Then
make a message that says. “Your X coordinate is \\v[xxxx] and Y Coordinate is \\v[xxxx] (xxxx =
variable number. Replace the XXXX’s with the number of variables “X Position” and “Y Position.”:) Hit
apply and hit ok.

Now go back to your pilot. Under the “X and Y Coordinate” option, have a message that says “You should
save before you do this, because you could accidentally send yourself out in the water and be unable to
do anything about it.” Call the save menu. Now display a message that says “Your X Coordinate.” The
make an input digit event. Have 3 digits and store them in variables “XMapPos.” Make another one under
that with 3 digits using variable, “YMapPos.” Make a change variable event. Choose variable “IDMapPos.”
Set it to Set, make it’s operand to set. Now in the box, put in the number that your World Map is. (If you
don’t know what number your world map is, put your starting position temporarily on the world map, then
memorize that position with 3 new variables. Then after it’s memorized, then hit f9, search until you find
your map id variable, the value of it is the value you want to put in the operand. F9 thing is NOT
accessible in the actual game. ) Then make a wait 0.1 event, disable system menu and erase screen,
make your sound effects happens, wait about 0.5 seconds go to memorized position using variables
“IDMapPos,” “XMapPos,” and “YMapPos.” Wait 0.1, show screen, enable system menu. Now you have
successfully. Yayness! XE!

All you basically have to do in this one, is make the vehicle place right beside the place you accessed the
ship from. (Done by turning on a switch when you enter the place and turning off all the other place
switches.) Wait 0.1, erase screen, teleport on top of the vehicle, wait 0.1, ride vehicle and show screen.
Then you can just fly around and go wherever. Yay.

Um. Under this option you put nothing. Obviously. Of course.

That’s basically it.
Good Luck
“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”
(This tutorial has 1337 words. I am quite serious.)