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Tutorial - 'Basic Snipering Mini-Game' by ATARI

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How to create a sniper-esque mini game for your RPG in rm2k


Hi folks, it’s ATARI again. This time I’m going to talk about how to make a Sniper Mini Game Tutorial. This was
requested by x_zero_x

Things that you will need to know to use this tutorial
1. Enter Password Commands
2. Fork Options Commands
3. Variables
4. Switches

You WILL also need Idraw3 or some other painting program. (Yes, you can use MsPaint if you want)

First I’ll explain about Sniper Mini Game Tutorial. What this basically is, you have to shoot people. When you shoot them, you gain points. (You CAN do time, but it is very very hard.) The game is over when you run out of time, or health. Watch out though, they might start shooting back at you. You can gain health when you shoot health
bags. You can also reload too.

First things first. We’ve gotta make ourselves some pictures. First of all, we’re going to make our bullet
pictures. Make a 25x25 size picture. In it, have a picture of a bullet. (The more realstic the better) Save the picture as “Bullet Counts.” Next, we’re going to make a health bar. Make a new 25 x 25 picture. Make it totaly nothing but the color green. Save it as “Health4.” Make a new 25 x 25, totaly blue. Save as “Health 3.” Make another 25 x 25 that is orange. Save as “Healath 2.” Then finally, make a 25 x 25 that is totally red. Save it as
as “Health 1.” Finally, we will make our crosshair. Make it’s size, 75 x 75. Make a Red circle in the middle. Make it’s edges stretch out to the very edges of the box. Then have a line going through the middle horizontally, and a line going through the middle vertically. (Horizontal is this way. --> Verticle is upwards.) Then save the picture as scope. Exit Idraw and get into your game.

The first thing you want to do when you get into your game is open up your database (F8). Make a new chipstet thing. Have it be the chipset that you use for your snipering map. Call it the same, except have the words, “pass” at the end. Have everything be passable., except for the pink, or blank square Hit ok and make a new map. Have it’s starting chipset be the “pass.” Chipset. Make the map 50 x 50. Now make your terrain in the whole thing. Then at the bottom and the top, have there be 7 tiles of the blank square, and on the sides, 9 tiles
of blank square, so Inside those blank squares would be your terrain.

Next, make an auto start event. Have it display the scope picutre at 153, 120. Then turn on a switch “Auto OFF.” Then move event “Hero” and change graphics to blank, and move speed up twitce, and then disable system menu. Then make another page, starting conditions, push key, and have the starting switch be “Auto OFF.” Next, make a parrell process event. Have it enter password using variable “Shoot.” Then choose the (5)
option and do not check the wait until key is hit option. Then under that, have a fork that says, “If variable “Shoot,” is equal to 5, then” have it display a battle animation on the hero. Do not have it wait. Then minus 1 from variable “Bullet.” and have it add one to the variable “Enemey_Awareness.” That is all you need here. Next, make another parrell process event. Have the first thing in it be a fork. Have it say, “If variable ‘health’ is equal to 4, then” display the full health picture, anywhere you want. Make it be picture 16. Then erase picture 17. Make another fork, that has the variable being 3. Then erase 16 and display the 3 health picture, as 17.
Then do the same thing for 3 (would display 18 and erase 17) and 4 (display 19 and erase 18). That is all you need here. Then make another parrell process that has the fork, “If variable ‘bullet’ is equal to 5, then” display five bullet pictures downwards on the screen, do the same stuff for 4 and erase one, then 3, then 2, then 1, and
0 displays no bullets. Hit ok. Next make another parrell process event. HAve it make a new enter password command, that has variable “Reload.” and select the (6). Do not check anything else. Then below that, have a fork that says “If variable ‘reload’ is equal to 6 then,” have it make some noises, erase all the bullet picutres, wait 4.0 seconds, set variable “bullets” to 5, and display 5 bullet pictures. That is all you need here. Now make
a new auto start event. Have it set timer to 5:00, then start the timer, and then turn on switch,
“AutoTimer_OFF.” Make a new page, set to push key, and have starting switch “AutoTimer_OFF.” Now we have our timer, shooting, and health bar ready. Now let’s make something we can shoot.

Make a new event. Set it to PUSH KEY. Set it’s graphics to a person, have it move randomly, and have it “BELOW HERO.” (That is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.) Have the event then add +3 to variable “Points.” and turn on
switch “Civ1_DEAD.” Make a new page, that is push key, starting switch “Civ1_DEAD.” Have the graphics be a dead body. Now make another page, that is of the alive civillian. Have it’s starting be, variable
“Enemey_Awareness.” Type in the number “1” into the box. Have the event commands the same as the first event thing, and it’s movement the same, except twice as fast. Then make another event, with the same things, except “Enemey_Awareness” is “2.” Have them move faster. You can copy this event and plast it over places, just be sure to change the “Civ1_DEAD.” To Civ2_DEAD and so on for each event. Now it’s time to make things that can shoot back at you. Make a new event. Have it’s starting conditions be the variable “Enemey_Awareness.” and have it be “5.” Make it’s graphics of a policeman, or something, holding a gun, poting at you. Have it’s animation type be, “FIXED GRAPHICS.” And have it facing downwards (or to you.) Have it’s movement be “By it’s route.” In there, make it face left, move left, face right, move right, turn on switch
“Fire,” Make it repeat these movements. Then have the event command stuff be the same, except the switch you turn on would be, “Police1_dead.” and the points are +10. Have it do aboslutley nothing on that page. Copy those around some places too. Make a new parrell process, that has a fork that says “If switch ‘Fire.’ is on, then” have it -1 from variable ‘health.’ play a sound effect, wait 0.1 seconds, and turn on switch “anti-fire.”
Then below in the else case, make a fork that says “If switch ‘fire’ is on,” and “If switch ‘anti-fire is on,” then wait 9.0 seconds, then turn switch ‘anti-fire off.’ So you can go around and try to shoot the police before they get you.

Now let’s make our health bags. Have there just be a few bag events around, that are push key events, and then make a fork that says “If variable ‘health’ is equal to 1, then” have it set the health variable to 2. Do the same, up until you would set it to 4. Then have “If variable ‘health’ is 4, then” have it do nothing. End case is turn on switch “healthbag1_dead.” then make a new page, that has a blank picture.

Now make another parrell process event. This is our dying event. Make a fork that says “If variable ‘health’ is equal to 0, then” stop all, show message that says, “You scored \\v[xx] points (the points variable)” and then teleport you back to the map where you started from to get to here. There you can make it like you can trade
points for money, or whatsoever. Now back to this event. Make another fork that says “If timer is 0,” then do the same stuff. Now, what if you kill all the civillians? Then you can teleport to level 2, with the same stuff, setting variables like “bullets” and “health” to full, but keep the points variable the same. Then you can go through all different levels, creating new creatures and such. Then if you get to the final level, and beat that, have it just start over again, or whatever. You can experiment with that. Now if your player wants to quit? Well then, have
antoher fork that says “If variable ‘shoot’ is equal to 5,” and “Reload is equal to 6,” then have the exiting stuff. That means when your player presses enter and esc at the same time, then they quit. Easy as that. (You might want to explain that before you go into your mini game.)

Well that’s basically it.
Remember, this is a basic snipering mini-game tutorial. You can do much much more with it. Just play around
and see what you can do.

Good Luck,
“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”