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Tutorial - 'D Counters' by dragonheartman

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How to create a "D-Counter" just like in BoF5 (Dragon Quarter)



Well, First thing you may be wondering is what the hell is a D-Counter? Have you ever played Breath of Fire 5 (Dragon Quarter)? It's fun, well if you have not, I'll explain this tutorial to you. Actually, you can stop reading now and download the demo addon thingy at:

Anyways, if you don't want to download, then start reading now.

You have a hero who can use a skill D-Dive (feel free to change any of the skills, I'll use the ones from BoF5, though). This skill changes your hero into a powerful savage beast with ultimate stats, you do have a few things to be careful of, though. When you use the transform, your D-counter goes up. When you attack or use a skill, your D-counter goes up. A D-counter is a percent, and when it gets to 100%, you die. So basically, you have to limit yourself on how much of this power you use. You can also stay as the beast outside of battle, but your d-counter will go up every so often. (I am using the DBS, too)

HOW YOUR D-COUNTER CAN DECREASE (according to this tutorial and the one on my site):

Every 200 seconds as human form, your counter goes up by one percent.
Every 5 seconds as a beast, your counter goes up one percent.
Every battle turn as a beast increases your counter by 2 percent.
Transforming to the beast increases your d-counter by 2 percent.
Using the skill "hell blast" increases the counter by 3 percent.

Wow, you should use your beast sparingly...

Soo... what do we need?

Switches, Variables, And RPGMaker2000 Knowledge!

Our Switches We Use:

Transform to beast
Using Beast
No more Beast Power
Using Hellblast

Our Variables we use:

Damage done to enemy

Our Brains to use:

YOU, the reader!

You need idraw, if you want to make a snazzy Counter display.

Anyways, If you make those switches ahead of time, that would be super.
Our beast, or hero transformed. So go into your database (F8) and let's make a new hero. Make his stats reeeaaally good. We need to have him worth using. You could have him controlled by AI if he has "uncontrollable power". anyways, after you have a walk graphic and everything, go to the Skills tab. We need to make a few skills.
Skill one: "Transform to beast".Classification needs to be switch. You can set the description, mp cost, casting messages, ect. Just make the skill available on field and in battle. The skill needs to change switch "Transform to beast" ON set. Your hero (Let's use that default hero everyone loves; Alex) should know this skill.

Skill two: "A savage skill your 'beast' will use" in this case, Hell Blast. This classification is switch, alse. Make this skill only available in battle. Set mp cost. Make sure to include in the description that it raises D-Counter by 3%. Your Beast should know this skill.

Skill three: Cooldown (to go back to human form):
This skill is classified as a switch also. You set explanation and stuff, it should be available on the field and during battle. Have this skill change swich "no more beast power" ON.

Well... that's that for the skills, you can always add more skills later. Now, to the common events tab!

Uh, I used five common events. You could shorten the amount, but I'm not conservative.

Common Event #1

This determines if you are a human, and when you use the skill to transform on the field it changes you to a beast. You can skip this if you want the skill to only be available in battle.

Name the Event "transform to beast", parallel process. The appearance condition switch should be when switch "transform to beast" is ON, so there.

Here is the coding:

<>Change Hero's party: Beast ->Add
<>Show battle anim.: Body Blow, Hero (Optional, but looks cool)
<>Change Hero's party: Alex->Remove
<>Variable Ch:[####:D-Counter] +2
<>Change switch:[####: Using beast]-ON set
<>Change switch:[####: transform to beast]-OFF

Simple enough, correct?

Common Event #2

This is almost the same as your last event, except it transforms you back to a human.

Name the Event "Cooldown", parallel process. The appearance condition switch should be when switch "No more beast power" is ON set.

Once again, the coding:

<>Change Hero's party: Alex ->Add
<>Show battle anim.: Body Blow, Hero (Optional, but looks cool)
<>Change Hero's party: Beast->Remove
<>Change switch:[####: Using beast]-OFF set
<>Change switch:[####: No more beast power]-OFF

Common Event #3

This one should detemine if you are a beast, and if you are, it increases your d-counter by one. I named the event "D-counter add Beast". The event needs to be parallel proccess when Switch "Using Beast" is ON. Under the commands, Just make a cycle that adds your variable, "D-Counter" plus one Every five seconds. Here is the coding if you really need it:

<>Wait: 5.0s.
<>Variable Ch:[####:D-Counter]+1
:END Cycle


Common Event #4

Name this bad boy "D-Counter add Hero". It adds the D-counter as a human. It's the same as the above common event, just this one dousn't need any start conditions, just a longer wait time. I think I used "Wait 100.0s." Twice. And yes, that adds up to two hundred seconds. About three minutes.

Common Event #5

We need some sort of display, so devote this common event to some sort of D-Counter display. This one's Optional, but I highly recommend it. I figured out how to display a counter without all of those waits, and it doesn't lag! (even on my '95!). Alright, anyways, Name this Common Event "Show D-Counter" This event needs to be parallel process, and no start condition switch. I will give you a basic idea of the code:
(assuming you have a picture of all possible D-counter percents and want the display in the upper-right corner)

<>LABEL: 1No
<>Wait: 0.1s.
<>FORK Optn: Varb[###: D-Counter]-O (if variable "D-Counter" is equal to one)
<>Show picture: 1, 0%, (305,8)
<>GOTOLabel: 1No
:END Case
<>FORK Optn: Varb[###: D-Counter]-1
<>Show picture: 1, 1%, (305,8)
<>GOTOLabel: 1No
:END Case
<>FORK Optn: Varb[###: D-Counter]-2
<>Show picture: 1, 2%, (305,8)
<>GOTOLabel: 1No
:END Case
<>FORK Optn: Varb[###: D-Counter]-3
<>Show picture: 1, 3%, (305,8)
<>GOTOLabel: 1No
:END Case
<>FORK Optn: Varb[###: D-Counter]-4
<>Show picture: 1, 4%, (305,8)
<>GOTOLabel: 1No
:END Case
<>FORK Optn: Varb[###: D-Counter]-5
<>Show picture: 1, 5%, (305,8)
<>GOTOLabel: 1No
:END Case

Anyways, you do something like that. You need to doo that ALL THE WAY TO 100%! Yes, Very boring, I know. And then do something like this for your display of 100%:

<>FORK Optn: Varb[###: D-Counter] Greater than 99
<>Show picture: 1, 100%, (305,8)
<>Wait: 1.0s.
<>Show Message: Unfortunately, Alex's D-Counter reached 100%...
<>Game Over
:END Case

That gives you your common events, we are almost done, bear with me, only one thing left...

Go to the monsters party tab in your database, we need to make all of the next battle events on all of your monsters you fight with the ability to use your beast powers. This may take a bit of time.

I'll give ya the coding for all 6 of your pages in a short sample

This one sets the increase in your counter and accumulates damage for all your foes.

Start conditions: Switch Using hellblast
<>Show battle anim (whatever your hellblast attack animation will be)
<>Variable CH:[####: Damage done to enemy] set random (500*550)
<>Message: \V[####] Damage done to all enemies.
<>Change Enemy's HP: V[####] decr.
<>Variable Ch:[####: D-Counter] +3
<>Change Switch: [Using HellBlast] OFF Set

A little sidenote, the variable to decrease the HP of all enemies and the variable used in the damage message are both that variable named "Damage done to Enemy".

This battle event page lets you transform during battle

Start Conditions: Switch "Transform to beast" ON set
<>Show battle anim. (whatever, if you want to)
<>Change hero's party: Beast->Add
<>Change hero's party: Alex ->Remove
<>Variable Ch:[####:D-Counter] +2
<>Change Switch[####:Using beast] ON set
<>Change Switch[####:Transforming to beast] OFF set

Used to change back to human form

Start Conditions: Switch "no more beast power" ON set
<>Show battle anim. (once again, optional)
<>Change hero's party: Alex->Add
<>Change hero's party: Beast->Remove
<>Change Switch[####:Using beast] OFF set
<>Change Switch[####:No more beast power] OFF set

Used to change your D-counter plus 2% every turn

Start Conditions: Switch: Using Beast ON set AND Turn no.[1x+1]
<>Variable CH:[####: D-Counter] +2

We need some way to show your d-counter during battle (Since ya can't use pictures, I use Messages)

Start Conditions: Turn No[1x+1]
<>Messg: Your D-Counter is at \V[####]%

Another sidenote that variable is the one entitled "D-Counter"

If your D-Counter gets to 100%...

Start Conditions: Variable [####:D-Counter]>[99] (Thats greater than 99)
<>Messg: Unfortunately, your D-Counter Reached 100%...
<>Game Over

Well... That's about it. Uh, send me a GW mail for any reason if needed. This seemed like a lot of typing to me, I'm all pooped out. Until next time, fellas.


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