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Tutorial - 'Enter Hero Name system' by ATARI

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How to create an enter hero name system for your RPG using the DMS and DBS!


Hi folks, is ATARI again. This time I'm going to talk about how to make an enter hero name system for your rpg, using the DMS and DBS.

Things you'll need to know to use this tutorial:
1. Variables (Extremely)
2. Fork (Extremely)

The first thing you want to do, is get to a place where you can name your hero. Then make another map, make it the default smallest size possible. Have the backround be fully black, and fully passable. Now you'll need a character of all the letters in the alphabet. A-Z. Have them all in the middle. Then at the top have a potrait of the hero, and a place that shows what letters you have chosen, and on the very side have the commands,
SELECT, DELETE, CLEAR, DEFAULT. Now make your first event. Set it's graphics to the letter A. Have it push key. Then have it set variable "Hero Letter 1" to 1. Then add one to the variable "Space." The make another page that has the same thing, except the starting condition is if variable space is over 1 and have the variable be "Hero Letter 2" Do the same thing 4 times. This means we are having a 5 letter name you can put it. You can make it up to however many letters you want, it will just take a lot of time. Copy this event and change the graphics and change the value of "Hero Letter 1-4" to the number that letter is in the alphabet. (EXAMPLE: Z would be 26.) Then beside the Z, have an event that says "Space." Have it set to 27, and the same stuff as the other events.

Now the next thing you want to make is the place that shows you what letters you have chosen. Make a new event that is has an underscore graphic. (AKA the _ letter.) Then make a new event that has the starting condition of "Hero Letter 1" is above 0, then display the "A" graphic. Make new pages and have it up to 27, or the SPACE event. Do the same for the next. Then make a parrell process event that says "IF variable "Hero Letter 1" is above 0," then do one with Hero Letter 2 - 4. Then make it move the hero to the place with the select, delete, clear, default commands. We will work with the "SELECT" option last, because it is majorly time consuming. Let's do DEFAULT first. Have it set the variable "Hero Letter 1" to the number that would be the first letter of that hero's default name. Next let's do the CLEAR event. Have it change all the hero letter variables to 0 then move your hero back to the letter selection place.

The DELETE option get's its own paragraph because it is special. Make it turn on switch "HL4_delete," and then set the hl4 variable down to 0. Then make a new page that's starting condtion is the switch "HL4_Delete." Then make it do to hl3 and so on, until you get to hl1. Then have it after you delete, set all the "hlx_delete" (X = variable) Then teleport back to the letter selection place.

Now the select is what takes forever. Make the event. (By the way, all these command events are PUSH KEY) Make a new fork that says "If Hero Letter 1 is equal to 1," then have below it more forks that equal to, up to 4. Then change hero name to AAAA. You should now see why it takes so long. Finish up using all the combonations possible. It is suggested that you go in an order like, 2111, 3111, etc and so on. Once it's all done, SAVE!!! You don't want to lose all that work.

Good Luck,
"Even the greatest gamers were n00bs."