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Tutorial - 'BioRegenerators' by ATARI

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Learn how to make BioRegenerators for your game (System Shock 2 style) If you dont know, explanation is inside.


Hi Folks. It' ATARI again! This time I'm going to talk about how to make a BioRegenerators for your game.

Things you need to know.
1. Forks
2. Switches
3. Common Events.
4. Rm2k3 (you can use rm2k if you are using an ABS)

Now what is a bioregenerator? Well if you've ever played System Shock 2, you know what I am talking about, but if you've never played that game, I will explain briefly. Normally, when you die, the game is over. But if you find and activate a bioregenerator, when you die on that map, you will return back to the bioregenerator, alive with 1/4 of your health left.

First of all, you are going to need to make a switch called, "Bioregenerator_(MapName)." (You need a different switch for each map.) Then next, on the map you are going to try this on, make an event. Make it push key, (or action key) and have it be on the same layer as hero. Make it's graphics anything you like. Now make it say a message that says, "Activate Bioregenerator?" Then show choice, "yes" and "no." Under yes, make it turn on swtich "Bioregenerator_(MapName)." Then make a new page that has the starting condition switch (preconditions) being switch "Bioregenerator_(MapName)". Make it show a message that says, "Bioregenerator already active." Leave the "No" case blank on the other page.

For the ABS:
To use this system on an ABS, you're going to have to make your parrrell condition stuff (the if hp variable = 0, die, etc.) into a seperate event for every map, and not as a common event. So under the fork (conditial branch for rm2k3) that says where you're "If the hp variable is 0 or below, then) leave what is there, but now in the else case have the same fork, except put another fork (conditial branch of rm2k3) that says "If switch "Bioregenerator_(MapName)" is on, then," teleport them back to the bioregenerator the corrisponds with the map, and take away almost all of their hp. (Make sure HP Reduction can kill target for rm2k3 is off). That was simple wasn't it? Now all you have to do is copy and paste and edit the stuff for each map. Done.

For the DBS: (Rm2k3 only)
Now under the battle layout option in the database, click on the random death handler and change it to call common event. Now in the common event, make a fork that says, "If switch "Bioregenerator_(mapname)" is on, then," teleport the heroes to the bioregenerator station and change their health. Then in the else case, make a fork that says "If switch "Bioregenerator_(mapname)" is not on, then" send them to the game over screen. Do this with all the bioregenerator switches which corrispond with all the maps with the bioregenerators until you are done.

Thats all there is to it.
Good luck,
"Even the greatest gamers were n00bs."