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Tutorial - 'The Great HQ Tutorial' by Devnore

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A big and lengthy run down of the creation of a head quarters system for your game.


Table of Contents
1. The basics
- Creating a HQ
- Some things you want
- Development
2. The creation
- Recruiting
- Sorts of Recruiting
- Evolving
3. Running your HQ
4. File

1. The basics
<>Creating a HQ<>
Step 1 is familiar whit: ‘choose the map’. Here you will have to decide what are you going to make.
Will it be a Military base? A tower? You decide for yourself. You also have to know WHEN you our going to be able to run a HQ.
Like when dark times have come to the world and you have to defeat the evil or something familiar. You also need to know: how are you going to run it? (see table 3)
When you did this then lets get on whit the tings you want!
<>Some things you want<>
There are also other things you need to take care of. Like how does it going to look?
What kind of people do you want? And most importantly: which people are doing that?
You want a Bartender for your bar so that’s why for example ‘Jack’ wants to be
in your team. Now when you recruited Jack; he is standing in the bar. So it is like:
‘How is it going to look?’ – A bar
‘What kind of people?’ – A Bartender
‘Which people are doing that?’ – Jack

So now you have taking care of that, lets get on whit the second step.
No HQ without development eyh? Well, you can do it now. First create your map, then decide how many people are going to work in the camp. If you have done that, then place the events of the people are going to work.
But be careful! You have to assign switches to them all!
Or otherwise they already stand in your camp without recruiting them.

2. Creation
This is very easy to do.
<>Show message: (whatever u want)
<>Show choice: Recruit/Don’t Recruit
<>Play SE: (whatever u want)
<>Show message: (whatever u want)
<>SWITCH: (for example: LISE RECRUITED) – ON
<>Show message: (whatever u want)

See? Very easy. Just make sure that the event that you assigned for the LISA RECRUITED switch is Lisa.
<>Sorts of recruiting<>
If you ever played Digimon World (for the PXS) then you know the first way.
The first way is a ‘Event Based’ way. Like if you come to a place then you will have to fight a man, and after the fight you ask him to go to your HQ and he goes.
Or like: you are in a strange town and suddenly Evil Creatures are coming in that town, then you see somebody that defeats all the creatures and then you ask him to join your HQ.
This is a silly basic way. The ‘Ask and retrieve’ way. You ask somebody to come to your HQ and he comes (its soooooo basic).
Evolving is a fine way to improve your HQ system. There are different things which you can evolve. Like your look.
This is for changing the look. Step 1: create an empty place inside your base. Step 2: create very much events (from your chipset) till you created a sort of house, set it on IF SWITCH (EVOLVE)- ON. Look for the other steps on <>WAYS OF EVOLVING<>.
This is the ‘Ability Improvement’ way. Like if you evolve, then your recruited mans abilities will rise.
Step 1: take the event which abilities you want to improve. Step 2: create a new page whit IF SWITCH (EVOLVE)- ON. Step 3: Add the improvement. Look for further details at <>WAYS OF EVOLVING<>
You can evolve on different ways; I will tell you all, and explain you all.
1. Evolve by number
2. Evolve by event
3. Evolve by person
4. Evolve by time
<>Evolve by number<>
Evolve by number is a simple way to evolve. Like when you have a certain amount of recruitments, then you evolve on way 1 or 2. Do this by adding a variable; EVOLVING. And put (every time someone is recruited) a +1 in it. Then create a FORK OPTION like; IF VAR. (EVOLVING) IS SAME AS- 5. Then choose change switch and set the EVOLVE switch to ON.
<>Evolve by event<>
Like when you have just defeated a boos or something.
<>Evolve by person<>
This is when you recruited someone who is (for example) a Builder. Then you can speak to him, and say that you want to evolve your HQ. Then you will have to pay for it. (Do I have to tell you ‘bout the switch again??)
<>Evolve by time<>
Start timer and then (of course) the switch.

3. Running your HQ

There are also different ways to run your camp.
The best (for me) is by paying money at a certain time for salary for your recruited persons.
(But if you want to do it on the salary way, then you will have to create a variable and put 1 in it every time someone joins.) Like everyone costs 100$, so you will create a event (parallel process) saying FORK OPTION: If (VARIABLE:####: The var. you created for your salary system) is 1. Then put in some waits or a start/end-timer. And then say decrease money – 100. And if you got more recruitments, then you put more fork options and decrease moneys in it. (make sure that you will increase the decrease money by 100$ every time you create a new fork)

4. File
The advanced thing about this tutorial is that you will sometimes be confused f you think a lot more then expected. So don’t think, just do.
I will create some add-ons when I think of something more, but for now: just stick whit this tutorial!