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Tutorial - 'The Walking Dead' by TimberWolf

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Learn how to create a monster that respwans after a limited amount of time on your maps.


When I started on this little function I thought "Well this is easy, I'll just do it before I go to bed" and before I new it it was 6am and time for school again.

This tutorial will show you one way to create wondering monsters that respawn after an amount of time. With this system you can only make 10 monsters a map but if you have the time you could make it as many as you wish.

Ok, lets start by making our switches, variables and common events.

First Switchs, Make 10 switchs labeled
Monster * Dead, star being the number of the monster.

Second Variables, Make 10 variables labeled Monster * Timer, star being the number of the monster.

Third Common Event, Go and make a new common event, name it Monster Timer or what ever you want,
make it parallel proccess or periodic arrangment if you are using RM2k3, then make a condition fork with condition monster 1 dead ON and no exception.
Now within the condition fork put a wait 1.0s and then add 1 to the monster 1 Timer variable. Thats it, now just do the same for all the other numbers.

Now onto putting the monsters on the map. Open a map and create a new event, change your graphic to some or other monster, set movement type to follow hero at any speed you wish. change the event start conditions to when touches an event and click parallel process on. Now go to the event editor and click on battle in the third tab, choose whatever options you wish just make SURE that "independant for" is clicked. Now put a switch change under victory
and switch monster * dead ON and what everelse you want in the defeat area. Create a new event page, set the

graphic = dead monster
movemnt type = don't move
Event apperance = switch Monster * Dead ON
Event start conditions = Continuous
And set to parallel process.

Now put a condition fork with the
variable = Monster * Timer Equal to 20 or whatever time you wish for your monster to take to respawn.

Now inside the condition fork, subtract 20 "or what ever other number you chose". Just below that put in

Switch = Monster * Dead Off

Thats it. Its all done, I am sure that their is an easier way to do this but i can't for the life of me think of it. I hope this helps you in some way or another. If you have any questions just GW mail me and I will get right back to you.

This is TimberWolf signing off.......