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Tutorial - 'Making games better with pictures' by JPC

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Simply a tutorial on how you can use pictures to spruce up a game.


This rm3k here, and upon the request of a forum goer, Super Alfalfa, I decided to make a little tutorial on how to spruce up games with pictures.

===PART 1====
===First, what is a picture?

In rm2k, a picture is a graphical display that just cannot be done in a characterset or any other graphical display. Example:
Say you wanted a day and night system, but you also wanted to display what part of the day it is. In that case, you would HAVE to use a picture.

===Okay, that sounded easy right? However, upon your first time using this command, you might be a slight bit confused. Here are what all of the sections mean.

---Position:This is the way determining where on the screen you would see the picture, used by X and Y coordinates. X=Horizontal Y=Vertical
Remember that when showing a picture, position is essential.

---By Variable:This determines position by variable, this is a different way to do it. It also can help with Collusion and Lights in caves etc.

---Move with Map:This nifty feature makes the picture with map, that is if you are too lazy to use variables etc. Generally the easiest way for it to move with a map.

---Magnification:Another good feature, determines how much the picture is magnified. I.e.:100% is normal magnification and 120% is more magnification.

---Transparency:This well...determines the transparency.

---Transparency Color(Colour):This determines whether the transparent part you chose when importing is seeable or not.
-Stir:Leaves that part transparent.
-None:Shows transparent area non-transparent.

Additional Effects:
-Color:Changes the color of the picture.
-Rotation:Makes the picture to rotate. Try for yourself as I cannot explain it.
-Ripple:Yet again another feature, this time making waves through the picture. Try it.

Also, two features that should have been:
===Pic Number:Tells the pic number i.e. indentifies the picture.(Picture stupid Don Miguel "chat stuff")
===Select Picture:Not being mean, but take a wild guess.
===PART 2====
Okay, not that review is done, I will give you a tutorial on how to make clouds move(Example) on a world map.

Picture of whatever
Knowledge of the first part of the tutorial
A premade map

With all that you are ready. Now go to the map, in event mode, double click an area and start event making.

Step 1:Make this event a parallel process.

Step2:Go to show picture command, and choose the cloud picture you wish to display.

Step3:Choose the coordinates X=130 Y=150 if you wish to start in the center. Kind of just mess around until you get good results.

Step 4:After configuring around, click on the move picture command and configure it to the picture number you wish. i.e. if picture 1 is cloud and you want the cloud to move, you would choose pic 1.

Step 5:Choose the coordinates remember, X=Horizontal Y=Vertical. Since you want to make go across, you will only change the X.
The higher the X coordinate is, the further right it goes. The lower the coordinate, the further left it goes.
Step 6:Now after setting it, watch it move. Add a wait in between the two to keep it balanced if you wish to move it more than once. Don't forget, move it in small steps, not one giant move.

Well...that should be all for it to move. Now for the code/rm2k command stuff if you are too lazy to read. This is an EXAMPLE so don't expect much from just copying that.

<>Show Picture: 1, Cloud, (160, 120)
<>Wait: 0.5s
<>Move Picture: 1, Cloud, (190, 120 1.0sec(W)
<>Wait: 0.5s
And the process goes on.

====Part 3====
Thank you to,
Atari's Tutorial Service
And Rm2k/ASCII

Thank you for reading one of my first tutorials and once again, Thank You