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Tutorial - 'Multi-Tut I' by Angroth

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Includes the Draw ability from FF8 and how to Summon creatures.


Welcome to the dawn of a new era. I will be including 2+ tuts in my new little chain of tutorials Multi-Tut. This way I can give you more than one small tut that doesn’t deserve to be uploaded on its on. This one contains the Draw ability and how to summon creatures. Two useful yet slightly underestimated things you can do!

The Draw Ability

Like in Final Fantasy VIII when you can draw the abilities from enemies. Well, this is a very simple version of that.

A - Firstly, create a skill called ‘Draw’ and also create a switch counterpart with the same name. For now we’ll assume it’s 0001:Draw (but by the time you do it, it won’t be 0001, meh!) The skill ‘Draw’ will be the classification of a switch and will simply turn the ‘Draw’ switch on, okie?
B - Before you continue you are also going to want to create a variable called something like ‘0001:Draw Random No’ for later. It’s crucial that you do this.
C - Make it so that one of your characters learns the ability, for testing it’s wise to make it a level 1 skill.
D - Now, if you haven’t already, set up a monster and place it in Monsters Party for a test combat in a moment (we’ll do one for now). Let’s say the monster’s called Boss Guy for now eh?
E - Enter the following onto the first page of the combat:
-Make the trigger 0001:Draw

-Enter the below into the body of the coding:
1 - A fork condition and click on monsters, select Boss Guy.
2 - You should also erase the current face set (if you have used one).
3 - Now generate ‘0001:Draw Random No’ between 1 and 2.
4 - After this insert a message saying:\S[2](Hero’s name) attempt to draw Boss Guy’s magic.\..\..\..\^
5 - Now create a new fork condition (still) inside the original fork. It needs to have an else case to it. Make its trigger a new switch, 0002:Fireball Learnt.
6 - Before you carry on make sure you have a skill named Fireball or you could change the switches name and skill name, afterall it’s just examples.
7 - In the fork make a message saying:\S[2](Hero’s name) has already learnt Fireball.
8 - In the else case make yet another fork condition (with an else case) and make its trigger the 0001:Draw Random No at a value of 2.
9 - Inside it, create a message saying:\S[2](Hero’s name) has drawn the magic Fireball!
10 – Now you make the drawing hero memorize the skill fireball.
11 – Then in the else case put a message saying:\S[2](Hero’s name) failed to draw Fireball.
12 – And to finish off, after all of the forks and stuff, turn off the 0001:Draw. Failing to do this will result in a draw every turn…. You’ve been warned!

F - Now you’re done and should check out how the thing works. Hopefully it should be fine. You can create this an edit it to accommodate multiple , all you have to do is insert the coding from above for each enemy in the battle. Not too difficult!


If you have ever wanted a necromancer to be able to summon skeletons, zombies, wraiths and such then this tut will do just that! You could make it so that as you level up you go from summoning pathetic skeletons to master wraiths and golems and as this happens your new summon replaces the old one. If you want your new summon to obsolete the old one all you have to do is create a common event at parellel process and make it fork something like this:
If necromancer==Raise Zombie Learned
Change skills (necromancer) raise skeleton forget
If necromancer==Raise Mummy Learned
Change skills (necromancer) raise Zombie forget
Etc. Get it? Now for the actual summoning.

A - Your going to need an event slot in common events per creature you can summon. For now we will just do one.
B - Create the skill Summon Zombie and make it a switch which turns on the switch ‘0001:Zombie summon’.
C - Create a parellel process on common events which is activated when ‘0001:Zombie summon’ is turned on.
D - Enter the following code in the coding section below:
1 – Change the variable ‘0001:Party Size’ to be set as the party size.
2 – Create a fork condition with the else case and make it so its conditions are for a party size of 4.
3 – Inside the fork put a message saying:\S[2]You have too many party members!
4 – Change switch ‘0001:Zombie summon’ off.
5 – In the else case add the hero (character) Zombie to the party.
6 – Give the zombie a full recovery.
7 – Make it so there is a wait of 60.0sec (1 minute).
8 – Full recovery of the zombie.
9 – Remove the zombie from the party.
10 – Play SE: Power
11 – Put a message in saying:\S[2]Zombie has vanished.\..\..\..\^
12 – Change the switch ‘0001:Zombie summon’ off.
E - And there you have it. If you want your creatures to level up you can give them skills and stuff too. I made it so you could equip mine with gear. I think this is a good idea as it adds a bit more depth to the game by making them more customisable and able to develop.

And that’s it for now. Next time will be just as good as this was, it will include a Timer System but I won’t tell you what else (nosey!).