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Tutorial - 'Hacking System' by ATARI

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ATARI explains how to make a hacking system, similar of that to System Shock 2. He explains what it exactly is in his tutorial


Hi folks. It’s ATARI again! This time I’m going to talk about how to make a hacking system

in your rm2k game similar to System Shock 2. (What! Not that game again.)

What you will need to know to use this tutorial:

1. Switches

2. Variables

3. Fork Options

Now what do I mean by a hacking system similar to System Shock 2? Well in SS2, you can go up to vending machines, and by utilizing hacking skills and a bit of money, (money part not included in this tutorial) you can drop the prices by half on the vending machine. You also need a certain amount of hacking skill to be able to hack into vending machines and other things.

The first thing your going to need to make is a vending machine event. Have it a push key, same level as hero, with vending machine graphics (there are plenty around on the Internet). The first thing you want to put in the event commands is a message that displays something like the following. (It doesn’t need to be exact.) “Welcome to Super-Vend Vending Machines.” Then display a show choice option with the following 3 choices. “Purchase,” “Hack,” and “Nothing.” The first thing we are going to take care of is the “Purchase” option. Under it, make a fork option that says “If Switch ‘Vending1hack’ is off, then” have it display the following choices, “Potion, 50[X]” (the [x] = your currency in your game), “Ether, 80[X],” “Phoenix Down, 300[X]” and “Nothing.” Under the “potion” option, display a fork that says, “If Money is above 50, then” make a change gold held option that takes away 50[x] and by using the “Add Item” option, add one potion and display a message something like the following: “Thank you for using Super-Vend Vending Machines. Have a nice day.” Under the else case, display a message something similar to the following: “You do not the sufficient funds to buy this item. Please try again with correct amount of [x].” Do the same under the “ether” and the “Phoenix Down” event, making them correspond with the correct item and money, of course. Under “Nothing” option, put nothing. (Imagine that.) This is what the prices for the items in the vending machine are, before the vending machine is hacked. Now go back to the first show choice event, and go under the “hack” option. Make a fork that says “If variable ‘hackskill’ is above 0, then.” Now before I go on, I’ll explain what the “hackskill” variable is for and what it is supposed to do. To be able to hack the average vending machine, your hack skill has to be above zero. To hack other things, your hack skill should be above 4 or something. (As stated in the explanation of the hacking system.) To be able to raise your hacking skill, make a new item. Make it a ‘switch’ item, and call it, “Hacking Software.” Make it’s price be 0 (unless you want it to be purchasable, then make it 10,000). Make it turn on switch, “Raise-hack-1.” Then make a new auto start common event with the starting

condition switch being the “raise-hack-1.” switch being on. Make it raise variable “Hackskill” 1, and turn off switch “raise-hack-1.” Now that is what the “hackskill” variable is for. Before putting anything under the fork we just made, put something similar to the following message under the fork’s else case that says “You need to have a

hack skill of one or higher to be able to hack this vending machine.” Now let’s go back to

the first fork under the “hack” option, and get hacking!

Make a new map. Smallest size possible. Make the background passable, and base the design on the map similar to the following diagram below.
|1/x| |
|%s | |
|--- ----------------|
|[1]-[2]-[3] |
| | | |
|[9] [5] |
| | | |
|[8]-[7]-[6] |
| | |
| [10]-[11]-(12)|
| | | |
| [17] [13] |
| | | |
| [16]-[15]-[14] |
| [a] |

KEY = x = a number (in this tutorial, 2)

%s = success percentage, (in this tutorial, 50%)

a = abort, exit, whatever you want to call it.

[] = a regular hackable block

() = a hackable block with a block around, with the possibility of a critical failure

resulting in the destruction of the vending machine.

Now I’ll explain how the hacking system actually works. You have to connect 4 successfully hacked blocks together to make the hacking successful. The hacking is a success if the block turns blue, and fails if the block turns black. In this tutorial, there is a 50% of failure. If you choose a block with a red block around it, it is a

faulty block, and there is a chance of a failure resulting in the destruction of the

vending machine. So make your map similar to the diagram, making everything passable.

Fade the screen out, change your hero’s graphics to a cursor of some sort, wait 0.1 and

teleport to that map, wait 0.1 and display screen. Now your hero is there. Make an event

on each block with push key, below hero, and blank graphics. Choose block one, make a new

change variable event, make a new variable, and call it “Block one.” Then choose the rand.

function and in the first box put one, and in the second box, put 2. Now there is a one in

two chance of the hacking of the block being successful. Now below the change variable

option, make a fork that says, “If variable ‘blockone’ is equal to one, then” , make it display a message that says, “successful.” In the else case, make it say “Failure.” Now make a new page on that event, with the starting condition being variable “block one” equaling 1. Make the event a blue block. Then make another page with the start condition being the variable “blockone” being 2 and have the graphics be a black box instead of a blue box. Remember, in this tutorial,

1 = success,

2 = failure.

Do the same for all the other boxes, except for block 12. When you’re done copying and

pasting and doing whatever. Now click on the event for block 12. Do the same thing,

using variable “block 12.” Now when if it equals 2 (which is under the else case,) instead of turning black and saying, failure, make it display a message that says, “CRITICAL ERROR!” Then fade out screen, teleport your hero back to the vending machine and have switch “Vending1-Destroyed” on. Make a new page with the starting condition being “Vending1-Destroyed” and the make graphics look like a blown up vending machine.

Make the machine unusable. Now go back to the hacking map. Make a new event, anywhere on

the map, except where you display the probability rating and the abort button. Make it a parrell process with the following forks, “If variable ‘block one’ is equal to 1 then,” and then have one below it for “block two,” “block three,” and “block four.” Then under that make it say, “Hacking successful!” and turn on switch “Vending1hack.” Then go back to your vending machine, copy the first page (the first one you created,) and paste it, then add the starting condition being “vending1hack.” Then make the purchase items under the fork that says “if switch ‘vending1hack,” is on, make it display the same items, except all the prices cut in half, and such. Now go back to the parrell process back on the hacking map, and make a fork for each possible successful hacking. Now you’ll think it will take forever for each vending machine you make, but do not underestimate the power of copy and paste. Now under the final else case in that parrell process, make it display

the words, “Failure. Unable to Hack.” Then make it turn on switch “Vending1Xhack.” Then

make another copy of the first page, paste it, make the starting condition be switch “Vend1Xhack,” and remove the hack option. You can no longer hack into the vending machine

because the first hack was a failure. Now the last thing we have to do is the abort

button.” Make a new event on the hacking map, have it’s graphics be an “abort” button, set

it to below hero, make it a push key, and make it teleport the hero back to the vending

machine place, nothing changed. And do not forget, whenever you teleport back to the

vending machine place, to change the hero’s graphics back to normal, so they aren’t a

cursor graphic for the rest of the game, which would be sad. Now you can make more vending

machines, change the possibility ratings for a successful hack, add more faulty blocks and

such for each and every different vending machine or whatever. You can do the hacking technique with keypads, security, you name it. Remember, if it can be programmed, it can

be re-programmed.

Good Luck.


“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”