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Tutorial - 'Factor Bars' by ATARI

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ATARI explains about factor bars and how to make them.


Hi folks. It’s ATARI AGAIN! This time I’m going to talk about how to make a health factor
type system in your game.

What you will need to know to use this tutorial:
1. Variables
2. Fork Options
3. Switches
4. Common Events

So what do I mean when I say “Health Factor?” Well, it’s kind of like the status bars in
the SIMS. Of course, in your game, the point isn’t to help the people, but why not add a
more life-like factor to your game? I this tutorial, I will show you how to make a system
that allows you to monitor your hero’s thirst level. I choose this, because it executes
the basic system, and allows other factors to be added as well.

The first thing you need to create, is a thirst bar. Make a 20x60 sized bar, make the bar
entirely red. Then save it under your pictures folder. Then make take off a third (you’ll see why it has to be a third later) , save it as a different pic, then repeat until you have an empty bar.Okay. Get out of your program and such. Now hop into RM2K and go into your database (f8) and go into the common events tab.

Now make a new common event. Make it a parrell process and call it “Thirst-Tab Normal.”
Now the average person can go without water for three days, so it should take a good bit
of time for the bar to run dry. Of course, the hero dies if the bar runs dry, so it needs
to take a good amount of time, so it isn’t the main threat of dying. I’ll leave how long
you want it to be up to you. So the first thing you want in your common event is a wait
event, of how long it would be before the bar moves. Of course, since the limit is 100.0
seconds, you can just pack up a good amount of 60.0 wait events to make it as long as you
want. Okay, after your done with your wait events, minus one from then variable “Thirstlevel.” Then make the common event’s starting condition switch “ThirstNormal.”
This is how the thirst level will go normally. Now it’s time to make it be shown on the
health bar, and make the event that causes the hero to die when the health bar goes to the

Make a new common event. Call it, Thirst Triggers. Make it a parrell process and have no
starting condition switch. In here, make a fork the that says, “IF variable ‘Thirstlevel’ is equal to 3, then,” and, “IF switch ‘thirst’ is ON, then” display the full thirst health
bar using 50x, 20y for the coordinates for the bar. Then in the else case, make two forks, the first one being if it is equal to 2, and the second one the same. Erase the full health, and display the 2/3 health. Do the same for 1/3. Then make another one for when it is 0. Make it go to the game over screen. That’s all you need for this common event. Now we have a basic thirst o’meter. Next let’s setup a place to replenish your thirst.

Most likely, these “thirst quenching” places would be in public places, like inn’s or
pubs, or wherever. Now there are two ways you can make a replenishing stand to quench your
hero’s thirst. You can make a public, free way of replenishing thirst, like a water fountain, or you can be evil and charge money to get a drink, or you can do both in your game. The first way I’ll show is with an item you have to pay for. Make a new item, call it “Glass of Water.” The price is 25. Make it a switch item. Make it turn on switch, “Glass-of-water.” Now make a new common event, called “Water.” Make it an AUTOSTART
event. Make the first thing a fork, that says, “If variable ‘Thirstlevel’ is equal 3,
then” have it do nothing. In the else case, add +1 to the variable “Thirstlevel” and display a message that says “You drank a refreshing glass of water.” The thirst counter will automatically go up. Now you can just copy the stuff in the common event (The stuff in the big white box) to make a water fountain. You can also make other kinds of drinks as well for thirst.

Now let’s add a factor that makes your thirst go down faster. It’s really simple, just
copy the common event you made, use switch “ThirstlevelFAST.” and make the wait time less for the water levels to go down. Add this for hot places like the desert and such where
you would lose water quicker. All you have to do to activate this is turn off the switch
“ThirstNormal” and turn on the switch “ThirstLevelFAST.”

That’s all there really is too it. Remember, you can make other factors as well, like
hunger for instance.

Good Luck!!
“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”