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Tutorial - 'Multi-Tut II' by Angroth

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Includes a day and night system and the steal command.


Hello again, nice to see you all. This time I have made tutorials for:
Day and Night System
Steal Command

They aren't too difficult but make nice little additions to your game if you haven't used them.

Day & Night (basic)

This is nice and simple day and night which shouldn't be hard to pull off yet doesn't feature things such as months, years and such.
A - Create two switches and activate one. 0001:Daytime and 0002:Night time
A - Firstly go onto common events and and create an new event named Timer System.
B - Make it a parellel process that is activated when the switch 0003:Clock ON is on.
C - The main coding should be like this (all forks are inside eachother):
1 - Create a loop function.
2 - Inside place wait 0.1sec.
3 - Change variable seconds +1.
4 - Fork condition: If seconds is 60 or more +1 minute.
5 - Fork condition: If minutes is 60 or more +1 hour.
6 - Fork condition: If hours is 12 or more set hours to 0, minutes to 0 and seconds to 0.
7 - Inside the fork put: If 0001:Daytime is on (and add else)
8 - If it is on then: Show a picture which says 'It is now night time'
9 - Set screen tone 80,70,70,100 & remove picture.
10 - Turn daytime off and night time switch on.
11 - In the else section show a picture which says 'It is now daytime'
12 - Set screen tone 100,100,100,100 & remove picture.
13 - Turn daytime on and night time switch off.
D - If you ever wish to stop the timer system simply turn 0003:Clock ON off. And you can re-colour the screen correctly by using a fork condition to check if it's daytime, if so set screen colour 100,100,100,100 if not set it 80,70,70,100.
E - You might find that the system takes too long to make a complete cyle from day to night and back to day. If this is the case make it so that seconds go up to 10, minutes go up to something like 20, hours up to 5. This way you will find the game time more reasonable and realistic to your game's playing time.

Steal Command

Similar to Final Fantasy's, Breath of Fire's and other games whereby you steal items off your foes.

A - Firstly, create a skill called ‘Steal and also create a switch counterpart with the same name. For now we’ll assume it’s 0001:Steal. The skill ‘Steal’ will be the classification of a switch and will simply turn the ‘Steal’ switch on, okie?
B - Before you continue you should also create a variable called something like ‘0001:Steal Random No’ for later. It’s crucial that you do this.
C - Make it so that one of your characters learns the ability, for testing it’s wise to make it a level 1 skill.
D - Now, if you haven’t already, set up a monster and place it in Monsters Party for a test combat in a moment (we’ll do one for now). Let’s say the monster’s called Knightly Matie for now eh?
E - Enter the following onto the first page of the combat:
-Make the trigger 0001:Steal

-Enter the below into the body of the coding:
1 - A fork condition and click on monsters, select Knightly Matie.
2 - You should also erase the current face set (if you have used one).
3 - Now generate ‘0001:Steal Random No’ between 1 and 2.
4 - After this insert a message saying:\S[2](Hero’s name) attempts to steal an item from Knightly Matie.\..\..\..\^
5 - Now create a new fork condition (still) inside the original fork. It needs to have an else case to it. Make its trigger a new switch, 0002:Scale Mail Stolen.
6 - Before you carry on make sure you have an item named Scale Mail (armour) or you could change the switches name and skill name, afterall it’s just examples.
7 - In the fork make a message saying:\S[2](Hero’s name) has already stolen Scale Mail.
8 - In the else case make yet another fork condition (with an else case) and make its trigger the 0001:Steal Random No at a value of 2.
9 - Inside it, create a message saying:\S[2](Hero’s name) has stolen the Scale Mail!
10 - Now use the command Add Item to insert a Scale Mail piece of armour into the players inventory.
11 - Then in the else case put a message saying:\S[2](Hero’s name) failed to steal the Scale Mail.
12 - And to finish off, after all of the forks and stuff, turn off the 0001:Steal. Failing to do this will result in a steal every turn…. You’ve been warned!

F - Now you’re done and should check out how the thing works. Hopefully it should be fine. You can create this an edit it to accommodate multiple, all you have to do is insert the coding from above for each enemy in the battle. So in theory you could have a Steal All skill aswell. By doing the steal skill in this manner you'll need a switch for every item and every enemy. You should also do a parellel process turning them off after, so you can re-steal later, but that is optional (yet worth doing).