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Tutorial - 'Cursed Item' by the_pyromaniac

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How to create a cursed item, one that you cannot remove!


Hey, this tutorial will show you how to make a cursed thing. By cursed I don't mean it lower your stat but that it can't be unequipped.

-- The RM2k Way --
1. Create an item Example: Cursed Ring
2. Go in the common event thing
3. Create a new event parallel process
4. In the event, create a fork condition with condition: Cursed ring is equipped by ????
5. Create another fork in the first fork condition with condition: Cursed ???? is off
6. Then put Turn switch Cursed ???? on
7. Create another fork condition with condition: Cursed ???? is on
8. Create a fork in the fork with an else case.The condition should be:???? have cursed ring equipped
8. In your fork else case,Change your hero equipment by making him remove what is in his other slot.
9. Still in your fork else case,equip him the cursed ring

The first fork is here to do that when ???? equip the cursed ring, the switch to prevent the hero from equipping it is on.

The second fork do that if the switch is on, it will verify if the ring is equipped.If it is not,it will remove what is in this equipment slot and equip the ring.

To make someone un equip the ring, make someone and put a message like:Hey!I'M the happy guy and I'm going to remove your ring!
Turn the switch cursed ???? off and un equip the ring.

Note: ???? is the hero name.