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Tutorial - 'Bridges in RM2k' by Adrian

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The process of creating a bridge that can be walked under and over.


In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a bridge that you can walk under, while still being able to walk on it. This may be a confusing tutorial, as for it is on the harder side. However, it is not near as hard as a CBS, or even a CMS. OK, enough talk, now for the tutorial.

Step 1: Set up
I am making a simple bridge that you could follow along with if you want. First, I set up a map, all grass. Then, I put two mountains is so there is a space of around 5 chips between them. Next, I put steps going up those two mountains. Next, make sure your chip set has at least two of the same bridge chips. On the top and bottom of each ladder, I put an event. (In my demo, it has a neat climbing system, and easy to do, if you want to use it, go ahead, but I'm not including it in the demo) For 1 of the two bridge chip sets, have it be set to a circle, and so you can walk across it, but not all 4 directions... ==== would have the arrows < and >, as for those are the two directions you can walk. For the other one, have it be set to a star, and all four arrows. There, If you understood that, good. If not, you can always look off of my demo.

Step 2: Coding
OK, the easy part. Let's say chip 1 has a star, and chip two has the circle. For the top events on the ladder, add this coding.

<>Change Chip: Lower Chip 1 to 2 (sets the star chip set to the circle chip set)

For the bottom event, add this coding.

<>Change Chip: Lower Chip 2 to 1 (sets the circle chip set to the star chip set)

If you are on the top, have the bridge on the map start as the circle chip set(like me). If you are on the bottom, set the have the bridge on the map start as the star chip set(unlike me).

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, until next time, C-ya all later