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Tutorial - 'Metal Gear Solid Enemy Vision' by Vexx

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Making "smart" enemy AI in RPGMaker 2000. Learn how to do advanced lines of visions, enemies that can shoot your hero and "E stats"


This tutorial will show you how to make smart enemy AI. You will learn how to do an advanced line of vision, enemies that can shoot your hero from a distance, and E stats.

What is E stats?
E stats, is the condition of the enemy; this can range from normal, alert, stunned, and others involving enemies.

Right lets start with the sight.
Create an event called [Enemy 1 Sight -Gun] make an extra page so there will be two. And make there Event start condition [On touch (event, hero)] and position [over hero]. The second page will be the same. But will have the [switch (E stats alert)] as its event condition. On page one add the command

[Show message (freeze)],
Then the command [change switch (E stats alert) on]

Now on page two put the command
[Show battle animation] Note: animation of hero being shot.
And then any thing to do with Hero losing HP.

Now that you’ve done the enemy 1 sight event. Hide it in a corner and save.

Now its time to make the guard.
Make a new event called guard 1give it a GFX and make its condition parallel process.

Now do these commands.
[Variable change (enemy 1 X) X coordinates] then
[Variable change (enemy 1 Y) Y coordinates].

When you’ve done this enter the next command
[Set event place (Enemy 1 Sight -Gun) at enemy 1 X and enemy 1 Y]
Now make a fork condition to check if [This event is facing up]

Under this folk add the command
[Move event (Enemy 1 Sight -Gun) UP x12.

When you’ve done this do the same thing for if the enemy is facing the other directions.

The last step is the E stats.
Open common events and name one called E stats.
In here make it parallel process.

And make this folk condition
If [switch ( E stats alert) is on]

Under this folk put in the command
[Wait (10.0 sec)]
[And turn of event (E stats alert)].

What this tutorial does.
The guard will be walking around. If he sees you he will call the alert switch and shoot you.
In ten seconds the alert will turn of again.

-On the enemy you can make a second page for alert so he will chase you.
-When in alert mode you can lock all the doors.

Best Tip:
-If you’ve used my shooting tutorial you can add the enemy commands to the front page of one of the shooting tutorial enemies.

By Vexx
If you want a tutorial on how to make enemies shoot at the hero from a distance E-mail me at or MSN 12.00 to 1.00 GMT with the same address as my E- mail.