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Tutorial - 'Message Speeds' by ATARI

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ATARI tells about how to make a message speed system similar to FF7


Hi folks. It’s ATARI again. This time I’m going to talk about how to make an option that allows you to control the speed of your messages displayed in the game. (Similar to Final Fantasy 7.)

Things you need to know to use this tutorial

1. Switches

2. Common Events (DMS only)

3. Fork Options (DMS only)

4. Input Digit (Dms only)

What exactly does this “change message speed” do? Well if you’ve played FF7, you’d know,

but if you don’t it basically controls how fast the text is displayed on the message screens. It’s useful if you always think messages are displayed to slowly or to fast, or just want your player to be able to control that function.

This is extremely easy both the CMS and DMS.


Make an option that is called “Change current message speed.” Now you can do it the

following ways. If you are using a map CMS, you can put some events, each’s graphics being a number, going from 1-20, 1 being the fastest, 20 being the slowest. Now they can just move the player (who is most likely a cursor) on top of one of the number, and press a key. Let’s choose the number 4 for example. Make the event a push key event, below hero and it turns on switch “MsgSpd4.” Then for every event with messages, just copy the stuff in it, and make a new page, make the starting condition switch “MsgSpd4” and have every message start off with the \\s[4]. Then it will display the message at that speed. For a PCMS, you can do the same with pictures, although I won’t explain how. (If you can make a PCMS, you can probably be able to do that with pictures anyway.)


For this, make a new item, call it “Message Speed Controller.” Make it a ‘switch’ item. Make it turn on switch “MsgSC=on.” Now make a new common event, set it to AUTO START. Make it display a message that says, “Choose how fast you want your messages to be displayed. It can be done it two ways.


Under that, make a show choice with the following choices, “FAST” “DEFAULT” “SLOW” “NOTHING.” Fast = \\s[4], using switch “MsgSF,” turns off “MsgSS” Default turns off “MsgSF,” and “MsgSS” (putting it back to regular display speed,” and Slow = \\s[15] and turns on switch “MsgSS,” turning off switch “MsgSF.” After each option is done, have it turn off switch “MsgSC=on”


Make a message underneath it, that says “Please put in the number for what speed you want

your messages to be displayed.” Then another that says, “Use 1-20, 1 being the fastest, 20 being the slowest.” The make an input digit event with 2 digits, stored in variable “MsgS” The make forks that correspond. EX: “If variable ‘MsgS’ is equal to 6, then” turn on switch “MsgS6” and so on. If variable “MsgS” is above 20, make it display a message that says “Invalid.”

That is all there is to it. Now your players (and you when you test play) can change the

speeds of messages that are displayed.

Good Luck.


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