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Tutorial - 'Effective Use of Graphics' by jordyce

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Taking your "awesome" graphics and making them awesomer!


I've written this as I noticed many people have wonderful graphics but do not have the excellence of design with it. If you don't get what I mean, just read on! You'll get what I'm talking about.


Before we start, you need to know the following RM2k commands:
-Ability to create Events
-Ability to create Maps


In alphabetic order, effective use of each type of Rm2k/3 graphic:

1. BattleAni:
This is a no-brainer. Make sure you have the battle animation blending with the next one correctly, and sometimes if you don't have enough images to correctly blend you might want to have a faded picture of the previous pic in the background. And also, try not to stick with ones that have heaps of things attacking, and looking OUT OF BALANCE. This is a major baddie, and you would always be better to go with the one that is shorter, then the out of balance one.

2. Charsets:
Ok, now its charsets. Now, lets say that the character Petrov has the ability to jump up objects. Petrov needs to get the Item from of the top of a large building. He needs to jump up 3 boxes. Now, instead of just making him jump using 'Move Event' then 'Start/End Jump' you should make him animate. For example we'll use Kindred Saga's FF6 version. Have a pose of Petrov crouching, and then one of him with him jump, with arms up and a shadow below him. Incorporate these in your game, and the game will be just that little more enjoyable.
Try adding different poses, and make characters do cool little things like eat food, and tap feet. Using common events, this can be a snap, and look really good.

3. Chipsets:
Now chipsets are basically linked to map design, so that's my main subject for now. Now, look at good games and you'll note that they have black lines allot, that represent ceiling. It's a good idea to have these, along with walls below the ceiling. Try and make it look original, and don't steal maps and their ideas, as the game just looks bad. A thing about maps is they work in a combination with events. Let's try and make a beach. The water should be animated, and cannot be a beach without a (transparent) fish in the water, and a pirate. You should always keep events balanced, or they will become overloaded, and your map will mean nothing. :)

4. Face Sets:
This will be short. Make them match the best you can, and have all of them match (Like don't have SNES faces with anima faces) in the same kind of drawing style. Its not always the best having a face with the text box, so don't think that you have to. A game can be fine without.

5. Game Over/Title Screens:
These aren't really important, but you should always have one that fits your games mood and type. That means you wouldn't have a picture of a rabbit on the Title Screen for the game Monkey Land. Make sure you have readable text and fonts, and make sure that everything is correct.

Those are the main ones for now. However I might do one for the others later. That is all!



Q1. I don't understand you! Can you speak normal?
A1. Nothing is normal in the world of graphics.



Don Miguel - For translating RM2k.
Rm2k3 Translators - You did good, but support the legit version.
The people who asked questions - For helping make the FAQ section!

If you have any comments, questions etc... please e-mail me at:

See you in my next tutorial: Makin' a Mystery!