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Tutorial - '2-48 Times Attacks' by XanKnight

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Actually an RPGMaker 2003 tutorial looking at giving a character more attacks per "swing"


Here's my first tutorial. It took about half an hour. Feel free to use/add to/post it wherever you like, just include my name in the credits. This'll be pretty long, so enough with the jibber-jabber:

As most of you know, with RM2K and RM2K3, your weapon can have an option which allows your character to attack twice. RM2K3 took this one step further and added an option in the Weapon Animation Settings which allows for up to three attacks; combined with the weapon's "attack twice" option, you can do up to six consecutive attacks. Most people don't know that RM2K3 has an extra option in the battle events which, when combined with the "attack twice" and "three times" options, allows for up to 48 attacks.

Here is the formula for how many attacks you can make:

(1-2) x (1-3) x (1-8)=Desired attack

(1-2):Attack twice option in weapon screen
(1-3):One to three attacks in Weapon Animation Settings screen
(1-8):In the battle events window, click on the "Enable Combo" option. Select the hero, fight(Other options can be used also, but can only be used up to 8 times), and then the desired number of repetitions.

With this, you can make options such as X-Fight, or double, triple, etc. cast.

How to make an X-Fight option:

This can be done a variety of ways:
1: The hero's HP falls to a low percent, and enables the option
2. The hero learns the X-Fight ability in-game
3. The Party's HP falls to a low percent, enabling the option
4. After 20 turns, the hero gets bored and attacks more often

I'll show you how to do #1 and #2 from above.

First, make a new weapon. Select the "attack twice" option if you wish. Then click "set" below the animation of the attacking character. Where it says "number of attacks," select either "once," "twice," or "three times." Go to the "M. Groups" tab in the database and open up the battle events. Click on the "enable combo" option, and select the hero, the fight command, and the number of repetitions, from 1-8. Click ok. Next, open up the trigger window.

#1: Hero's HP is critically low

Check the second box where it says "hero." Select the hero, and choose the percentage at which he is able to use the "X-Fight" option. From 1%-10% is a good choice. Click ok. Make a new page and go to the trigger option. Select the 2nd hero option from the top again, and select the same character. Change the percent to match the leftover percent from the first page.

Example: Page one trigger is 1%-10%. Page two trigger would be 11%-100%.
Page one trigger is 1%-18%. Page two trigger would be 19%-100%.

Click ok and make another "enable combo" command. Select the same hero, same command, and set the number of repetitions to 1. This is so when your character is out of the critical condition, he does the regular amount of attacks. That should be all for #1.

#2: The hero learns the X-Fight option in the game

Go to the battle layout tab in the database. Where it says "default battle commands," click set. Make a new command and set the archetype to attack. Name it whatever you wish. Make sure your hero doesn't have this as one of his default battle commands.

Make an event in the game. This event will teach the hero how to use the X-Fight command. It can be a person, book, tree, bessy the cow, whatever. Go to page 4 of the event commands, and "change battle commands." Select the hero, the new command you created, and then add.

Go into the "M. Groups" tab in the database. Make a new trigger. Check the last "hero" option and select the character, and the command you just created.

That should be all. Make sure you copy all of the battle events to every monster party. Now your character should be able to do multiple attacks. The same can be done with magic, just substitute the fight command from the enable combo option with the magic command. The only downside to having a really high number of attacks is: once the enemy is dead, the hero will keep attacking until he finishes. That means if you kill the enemy with the first attack and your character attacks 48 times, you'll just have to sit through another 47 attacks. Magic should work perfect though; your character will even switch to another enemy if he kills the first.

If you can add improvements to this guide, be my guest. Just keep me in the credits.