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Tutorial - 'A Monster Information/Fact Book' by ATARI

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ATARI tells how to create a Monster Information Book. Similar to what we would know as a pokédex.


Hey Folks! It’s ATARI again! This time I’m going to talk about how to make a monster fact book.

Things you need to know to use this tutorial
1. Switches
2. Fork Options
3. Common Events

What do I mean by a monster fact book? Well, basically this system is kind of similar to pokémon and the pokédex. You cast a spell that gets the information of a monster, and then you can read about it in the monster fact book.

The first thing you need to do is make a new skill. Make it’s classification “switch.” Call the skill, “Information Detection.” Make it only available in battle. Make it turn on switch “Detect” and cost 15 MP. Make the description of it and the using message anything you want. Have there be no sound effect. Now hit apply and go into your monster party part of your database.

Let’s use the first default slime monster party as the monster we’re going to indentify. Make the trigger be if the switch “Detect” is on. Then, in the thing below, make it display a message that says, “Gathering information.” Below that, make a change variable event. Make it use variable “DetectChance.” Now click on the button beside the rand. Put in the first box a 1, and the second a 2. This makes it that the
detect skill will be successful and add into your monster fact book only a 50%, giving a chance of failure. Now below that change variable event, make a fork conditions, saying “If variable “DetectChance.” Is equal to 1, then” make it say, “Successful.” Then turn on switch, “MonsterSlime.” In the else case,
display the message, “Failure.” Now make a new page. Make it have the starting switches of “Detect.” and “MonsterSlime.” Make it say, “You already have information on this monster.” This is so you can’t do the Information Detection Skill on a monster once you already have the information about it. Now let’s
make it so we can access the information about the monster.

Make a new item. Make it’s classification “Switch.” Call it “Monster Information Book.” Make it turn on switch “Monster_Information_bk.” Have it cost 0 money, and it’s description whatever you’d like it to be. Then below that, make a new common goods item. Also call it “Monster Information Book” and have it have the same description. This is for when you’re actually in the monster information book. Now make a new common event. Call it “Monster Information Book.” Make it an autostart event. Make it memorize your hero’s position using variables “Map(monster)ID” “M(M)X” “M(M)Y” putting the correct variables
under the correct slots. Next, make it remove one of the real monster information book, and put in the common goods monster information book in it’s place. Next, erase the screen, wait 0.1, change your hero’s graphics to a cursor. Hit apply and OK. It’s time to make our Monster Fact Book map.

Make a new map. For this tutorial we will make it the smallest possible, but it depends on how many monsters you have for the size. One monster number for each space. Make in the very left corner a button that says “EXIT” Then beside it, make a new event with the starting condition switch being “MonsterSlime.” Make it’s graphics be a 1. Make it a push key event. Have it display a picture of a slime, and explain about slimes, show their statistics (HP, MP, Agility, etc.) and whatever you want. Then at the end, erase the picture. You have now created the event that allows you to see the information on
the monster you used the skill on. Now for the Exiting. Make the “EXIT” event, erase the screen, change the hero’s graphics back to normal, and go to the memorized position. Congratulations! That’s all there is to making a Monster Fact Book!

If the monster party has two or more different creatures on it, under the success thing, make it turn on a switch the corresponds with both those monsters. For the “If it’s already detected” event. Just make the trigger the “Detect” switch, and have fork options on top of each other, asking if the switches for all the
monsters are on. So that’s all there really is to making a Monster Fact Book.

Good Luck!
“Even the greatest gamers were once n00bs.”