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Tutorial - 'Message Speed' by ArchmageOmega

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Simple tutorial on varying message speeds using simple code lines


Ok. This is just a quick tutorial showing how you can give an option to set the message speed in dialogs.
I suppose this is best used in a CMS, but it's possible with switch items too, (and other things.)

Anyway. The first thing to do is to give the player a way to set a variable to some number between 0 and 20. For example you could give them a choice box with fast, medium, and slow, which would set the variable to 0, 6, and 12 respectively. This lets the player set the speed.

Now at the beginning of every message affected by the speed settings there has to be /s[/v[####]] (Where the /'s are the right way around, and #### is the number of the variable you used to store the speed.)

And that's all of that.