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Tutorial - 'Mini Map' by Death Warrior

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A nice tutorial, with code - Showing you how to make a mini map system


Hello Folks!
I am going to tell you how to create a map that shows where the hero is located on the map!
You must know the following things:
-Show Picture event
That's It! I'm first going to show the code and then I'm going to explain step by step!
<>Show Picture: 1,Map(XX,XX)
<>Variable Ch:[0001:MapCursorX]Set, Hero Xpos
<>Variable Ch:[0002:MapCursorY]Set, Hero Ypos
<>Show Picture: 2,MapCursor(V[0001], V[0002])
<>Wait: 0,5s.
<>Erase Picture: 2
<>Erase Picture: 1
Create a map, and make it 20 by 15, in RM2K.
Now open a drawing program. For this example we will use 1 Tile = 1 Pixel, so make a new picture that is 20×15 pixels. Fill it with a colour (I prefer black or some other dark colour). If you've done that save the picture as a PNG. Now create a new picture and make it 3×3 or 5×5 pixels. Make it white. Save it as an PNG file. Name it MapCursor.
Back to RM2K. Open the RAW Material Importer. Import the pictures you just made. Alright now where going to make the map that is showing the place of the hero!
Create an event, and make the following settings:
Graphic: A Non Visible(Choose The Top Left Of Your Chipset!)
Movement Type: Stay Still
Event Start Condition: Parallel Process
Position: Below Hero

Now For The Coding:

Insert A Show Picture event(On The Second Page!) and for the picture number choose 1, and the picture is the map image you made. for the coordinations set X the half of the picture size And for Y the same. Leave magnification to 100% and the tranparancy to 40%-50% and set the tranparant colour to Stir.

Now create a Change Variable event. For the name choose MapCursorX and choose Set from the middle stroke and the choose Event, Hero and set it to X coordinate.

Create another Change Variable event and do the sme as above, but now choose MapCursorY for the name and choose Y coordinate from the Event Settings.

Now create a Show Picture event. Choose the MapCursor Picture and set th Picture Number to 2. For the Position choose By Variable. For the X, choose MapCursorX and for the Y MapCursorY. Set the magnification to 100% and the transparancy to 40%-50%. And the tranparant colour to Stir.
Now insert a Wait and set it to 5 so that it will wait 0,5 seconds.

Insert a Erase Picture event. Set the Picture Number to 2.

Insert another Erase Picture event. Set the Picture Number to 1.
That’s It!!!
Test your game!!!
Good luck with the further stuff; something like using this with an item or something!