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Tutorial - 'Monster HP Limits Above 4 Digits in RM2K' by Fighter

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An RM2K tutorial by Fighter explaining how to break the 9999 HP cap for monsters in RM2K. Can also be applied to MP as well!


Did you ever play a game like...say Bob's Big Adventure? Ever wonder how Rast, the maker of the game, got the rm2k monster's health to go above 10,000? Well, it is actually very simple, I am straight out telling you how to do it, assuming that you know basic variables and switches in rm2k.

In this example, we would want the monster to have a total of 13,500HP.
Well, first set the monster that you want to have that much hp, and set his HP to 9000. Ok, now under the monster party that this monster is in, make an event and check exhaustion and in the second box, put 50. That simply means that once the monster has 50% of his hp depleted, this event will occur. Okay, after that, in the same event page make a fork condition, in the fork condition, check the switch circle and make a new switch called monster refill. Now, choose "off", meaning that if the switch is off, this event will occur. Now, that you set that, go under the fork condition and click the change enemy hp tab. In there, make sure that the increase hp circle is filled in, now go to the box and type in 9000. That symbolizes that the monster will gain 9000HP if the switch is turned off. Now, go to the change switch option, and turn the monster refill switch and set it to "on". Now, you are ready to go with a monster with 13,500 hp. You can have multiple hp refills if you wish.

Please note that this is a sample, and that you can configure the names, amounts, and just about anything to suit your style. This is just to help you learn the bare bones of hp refills.

Thanks, and remember that the best most like comes from the worst, this is my 2nd tutorial submitted to gamingw, I hope you enjoyed it.