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Tutorial - 'CBS Level Up Boosts' by Zone7Kid

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Zone7Kid explains how to increase stats like Attack, Defense, etc., randomly in a CBS. An interesting, unique read.


Note: This is for CBS use only, those not creating a CBS don't need to read this.

Also, I advise not to read forward if you do not know variables and forks, though I do explain all the necessities, its better to understand what you are doing than to follow instructions blindly.

In this topic I'm going to show that upon a level up you can raise your stats (attack, defense, magic attack, hp, mp, magic defense, speed) randomly.
This is to be used in a common event set on Call.


Now, you're going to need 3 variables for each stat,
The stat itself
The Random Number for the stat
and the stat counter
HP Random
HP Counter

Now, starting from top to bottom, before the leveling coding set all the stat counters to 0.

You should then make a Variable called Level Up and set it to 1. After that should come the leveling coding.

Now, Set a fork option for a stat and make it the limit.
It should look like this:

Fork Option: Varbl. [(#) HP] - 9999less

You just set it so that when you level up if you have less than 9,999 hp then you can still have hp raises.

Now, Take your HP Random variable, set it 1 and another number of your choosing. First, decide how many possible different raises in hp you want, I put 6. Then say that if Hp Random is less than a certain number you get a certain amount of hp BUT do NOT add it to the HP stat, instead add it to the HP Counter (you will find out why later). Then, take your original stat (in this case, HP) and ADD the HP Counter (number, not the variable) to it. Make another fork Option and do the same thing. Here is how mine looked:

Fork Option: Varbl. [0007: HP]-9999less
Variable [25 HP Random] - Set, Rand[1*50]
Fork Option: HP Random-10 less than
Variable [24 HP Counter] + 2
Variable [23 HP] + Var. [0024's] Val.
Fork Option: HP Random-10abov
Variable [24 HP Counter] + 3
Variable [23 HP] + Var. [0024's] Val.
Fork Option: HP Random-20abov
Variable [24 HP Counter] + 4
Variable [23 HP] + Var. [0024's] Val.
Fork Option: HP Random-30abov
Variable [24 HP Counter] + 5
Variable [23 HP] + Var. [0024's] Val.
Fork Option: HP Random-40abov
Variable [24 HP Counter] + 6
Variable [23 HP] + Var. [0024's]
Fork Option: HP Random-46abov
Variable [24 HP Counter] + 7
Variable [23 HP] + Var. [0024's] Val.

.....and so on and so forth for every statistic, yes it is tedious but copy and paste will be your best friend, so use it!

All right, so most of you are probably wondering what the heck the counter was for, well that was for displaying how much you got at the level up!

At the very last end case pust show Message: (Hero name) level up to \v[variable number]! Attack went up by \v[variable number]! Defense went up by \v[variable number],
etc. and after that is all done, reset all the counters back to 0.

And that's it folks, hope this helps someone!