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Tutorial - 'Simple Adventure CBS for RM2K' by Death Warrior

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Death Warrior covers the ins and outs of a simple ACBS for RM2K. Read this up, then try it out!


Hello folks! I Am Death Warrior, and I am going to explain you a very easy, good working adventure battle system. Do you have enough of all the tons of codes, you can use this one in place!
You need to now how to use:
Fork Conditions
Ok, let’s begin!!!

We start with the creation of an enemy:
Graphic: Choose it yourself (a monster or something)
Set it to On Touch(Event, Hero) and Same Level as Hero.
If you like you can set the movement to Step Towards Hero.

Ok, first insert an Fork Condition, go to the second page of the pop-up window and choose Started by Desiscion Key. Make sure you checked Add Else Case!
The create a Move event, Set it to: Start Jump, Escape From Hero, End Jump. Set it to THIS EVENT and make sure the rest is unchecked!
When you’ve done that, create a Show Battle Animation and set the animation to Sword A and the event to This Event.
Then create a Change Variable and name the variable Enemy Health and put it to +1.
Then jump to the Else Case.
Insert a Show Battle Animation and set the animation to Claw A, and for the event Hero.
Then insert a Take Damage, and set it to Fix: (HERO NAME). and set Attack to 3 and leave the rest as it is.

Now create a second page.
Set the graphic to a empty one and set it to Stay Still and Auto Start and Below Hero. For the event conditions choose Variable and set it to Enemy Health and 4 above
Then insert Play Sound Effect set it to a sound where the monster dies. then click on ok. If you like you can do Change EXP and set it to 10 or something, but that is not necessary.
Insert Change Switch and set the name to Moster Die and turn it ON

Now create a third page
For The Graphic, choose a blank one, and then Stay Still for movement type, and Push Key and for the last Below Hero. For the Event Conditions choose Switch and for the Switch Name, select the Monster Die switch you just made! Leave the coding blank.
Now choose Apply, and you have your very own Adventure battle System!!!

This is what the coding should look like:

First Page:

<>FORK Optn: Start by Decision Key
<>Move Event…: This Event, Start Jump, Escape From Hero, End Jump
<>Show Battle Anim.: Sword A, This Event (W)
<>Variable Ch: [0001:Enemy Health] +, 1
: Else Case
<>Show Battle Anim.: Claw A, Hero (W)
<>Take Damage: HERO NAME Attack 3 Damage
:End Case

Second Page:
(<>Change EXP: All Members EXP 5 Incr.)
<>Change Switch: [SWITCH NUMBER:Monster Die]-ON Set