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Tutorial - 'Teleporting' by Redwamba

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The Drunken Zombie looks at a way to make a custom and more fitting teleport system


Oi! I wanna go home!

Hey hey! The Drunken Zombie here! I never thought I would be actually writing a tutorial… But here I am. Writing a tutorial. Uh, okay. Today I was working on my top-secret project *cough*The Simians*cough*. Anyway, I came up with this spectacular idea. No really. It is spectacular! Don’t you walk away from me! I know you can hear me!

Erm… Yes. Anyway, I don’t know if this has been covered in any other tutorials, but nevertheless, here is DZ’s Super Awesome Spectacular Way to Make A Cool Amulet That Lets You Go Home Super Quick and Coolly.

If you didn’t understand the above paragraph (God knows I didn’t), here’s it again it plain English: This tutorial will allow you to make a cool item that, when used, takes you back to a specific location that you pre-approved.

Firstly, you have to decide what the item is going to be and where it takes you. In this tutorial, the item is simply ‘Special Amulet’ (special as in rare and excellent, not mentally challenged) and it simply takes you back to your home in the first town.

Okay, now that you’ve decided this, I’ll explain two ways to do it, and then give you the meat of the coding and item creation.

Way A: The Lazy Way
Basically, you use RM2k’s already built-in teleport system to make the item. Pros: Very easy to do, and allows choosing of more locations specified by the author of the game. Cons: Only allows for one teleport item that can teleport you anywhere you want, rather than Way B’s system, which allows for different items for different places.

Way B: The Slightly Less Lazy Way
Basically, you code the item with Common Events and then activate it through the Items menu. It does whatever special effects you want, but takes you only to one place. Pros: Can be potentially better looking and sounding, and focuses the item more. Cons: Harder to do and code, but not much.

Now, I’ll explain both Ways to do this. Way A first, because he’s been waiting in line for an hour.

Way A: First, create an item in the database, and call it whatever you want. Set it to ‘Skill Scroll’ or whatever the equivalent is in your version of RM2k/3. Set the description, blah blah blah. Set the number of uses to Unlimited, unless you want to make it… Limited. Have it invoke the skill ‘Teleport’, which you’re going to have to make now. So, do so. Go to Skills and make Teleport. Set the type to (Gasp) Teleport and make a sound effect, etc. etc. Now, to allow you to Teleport to selected maps, you have to go into the Map Properties. There is a radio button selector labeled Teleport. If you want to allow teleportation there, simply check Allow. There you have it, a very simple way to do it.

Way B: You have to create an item still, so get cracking. This time, however, set it to ‘Switch’ type. Turn on a switch, whatever you like, but I called mine ‘Go Home’. I didn’t allow it to be activated in Battle, but it’s your choice. Now, head on over to Common Events. Make a common event called the same thing as your switch. Have it auto-start, activated by your switch. Now, the code. I’ll state the code in words, then after in actual coding. Oh, by the way, you have to create another switch called ‘Am Home’ or something.
-Step 1: Fork Condition, if switch ‘Am Home’ is On. (Add Else Case)
-Step 2: In Fork, show message, something like ‘I am home, you clod!’ and then turn the switch ‘Go Home’ off.
-Step 3: In the else case, try to make the teleportation effects as visually appealing as possible. Use battle animations, sounds, screen changes, flashes or sprite changes, anything to make it look good. Once you’re satisfied, go to Step 4.
-Step 4: Ah, you’ve made it. Okay, now have it teleport you wherever you want the item to actually go. Now, change the following switches: ‘Go Home’ OFF and ‘Am Home’ ON.
-Step 5: Almost done. To finish, simply put a switch in the door event that leads out of the hero’s house/castle/hobo shack that turns OFF switch ‘Am Home’. Sure, the hero can teleport back home immediately after he’s outside, but who cares?

Congratulations. If you’ve followed the steps correctly, you should have a working teleport system one of two ways. Or, you could even have another hero with a different thing, say, a Stone of Transport, that allows you further control, i.e. teleporting to even more places.

Anyway, that concludes my shoddy-at-best tutorial on Teleportation thingies. I hope you found it useful. I know I didn’t! Please tell me what you thought about the tutorial, what could be improved, added to, deleted etc. below, but keep in mind that this is my first tutorial, but hopefully not my last.

Until next time,

~the Drunken Zombie