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Tutorial - 'Running' by Xeon-Solid

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...The easy way! Learn how to make your character run with only a few lines of code


Okay, this is my first turorial, so it's a very simple tutorial. First off, I'd like to start off by saying I'm making a game right now that uses the run button. I searched around the net for a tutorial on how to run, but the ones I found, though they worked, were quite complex. So I tried to find my own way of doing it, and I've discovered a simple, simple way how to...WARNING: I'll be using RM2K3 for this so some of the words maybe different from RM2K.

First create an event and put it triggered by parallel process. On the first page use key input processing to anybutton (In RM2K3 you have a wider choice of button use, I used shift). Make it wait until key pressed and store the code into a new variable called "Run". Then select move event Hero: Increase speed up. Next, make a switch and call it running and turn it on.

Create a second page on that same event that uses the preconditions of Switch: Running is On. This page should be the same as the previous page, except instead of increasing the hero walking speed, you decrease it, and instead of turning the running switch on, turn it off.

This is how it should all look like in code:
1st page:
Key Input Proc: [001 Run]
Move Event: Hero, Move Speed Up
Switch Operation: [001 Running] On

2nd page:
Key Input Proc: [001 Run]
Move Event: Hero, Move Speed Down
Switch Operation: [001 Running] Off

And that's it, if it worked your character should be running fine. Remember: You have to copy this event on every page you want your character to run in.