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Tutorial - 'Double Tutorial' by ATARI

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A two tutorial in one experience by ATARI. Tells about Invisible text and returning monster positions.


Hi folks. It’s ATARI again, here with a two tutorial tutorial. Both tutorials are small, but can be quite useful.

1. Invisible Text:

What you need for this tutorial

1. A simple paint program

In the beginning of a an rm2k game, you have 3 options. Start, Load, and Exit. When you first begin the game, you can only use Start and Exit. Load shoes up with black text, saying it can’t be used. Wouldn’t it be cooler though, if Load wouldn’t show up until you actually save something? You can do this with invisible text.

Save two copies of your system set. Open one. The first thing you need to do, is identify which color is the black text on your system set. Make that the same color as the background would be. On the other system set, leave it alone.

Now go into your database and make the starting system set be the one that you just edited. Then at the start of your game, make the system set change into the original one, so anything else with the black text will show up, (like in stores).

That’s all there is to it. Onto the next.

2. Returning Monster Position:

What you need to know to use this tutorial

1. Switches

2. Variables

3. A Map-based CMS

4. An ABS

If your making an ABS in your game, and want a map-based CMS because a map-based CMS is simpler, there always comes a problem. When you return from your CMS to the game, the monsters go back to there original position, and players of the game can use this to cheat their way through the game. So is it possible to make monsters return to the position they were when you go into the CMS? Yes it is.

The first thing you have to do, is if you have your CMS event in the common events, you have to bring it into an event on every map. Don’t worry, Copy and Paste does wonders. However, you’ll have to change it slightly for each map with monsters.

Okay, on your CMS event, right after the password event with a fork, and right before you teleport, you should put in a new change variable event. Use variables Monster X, and set it to the X coordinate of one of the monsters. (The X Coordinate thing is located in EVENT) Then do the same for that monsters Y coordinate, using a different variable. Do this for all the monsters you have on your map.

Now go into your return event on the map, right after you return to the memorize hero position, wait 0.1 and then turn on a switch called, “Returning.” Now go back to your map, and make a new autostart event, starting conditions should be the switch “Returning.” Now using the set event event (located on page 2 of events) choose a monster, and use its two variables. It’ll get returned to where it was right when you went into your CMS. Do this for all the monsters, and at the end wait 0.1 and turn off switch “Returning.”

That’s all there is to it.

Good Luck,


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