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Tutorial - 'Spring Shoes Item' by ATARI

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Think of making your character have the ability to ride a pogo stick..all the time


Hi folks. It's ATARI again, this time I'm going to talk about how to make a SPRING shoes item.

So what would this SPRING shoes item do? When you move, you bounce. It's basically adding a pogo stick to your rpg. Why would you want this? Well, if you've ever played the Animaniacs game, you'll know that certain animanicas have certain items the do certain things, and these 'certain things' are needed to get past certain areas. Now your rpg may not have different people, but if you making an adventure rpg with some puzzles, this item will be a good idea to add.

What you'll need for this tutorail
1. Understanding Fork Conditions
2. Knowledge with Password Commands.

First thing you'll need to do is make your spring shoes item. Make a new item, call it spring shoes, set it's item type (classification) to 'other.' (Other items are commonly used for pendants etc. but oh well.) Make it's price 5000 and make it useable for every character. Set it's explantion to whatever you like. Hit apply and click on your heros tab.

Now make a new hero, that is invisible (you'll never use this hero except for this event), call the hero 'springgy' (or whatever) and set their starting items that are equipped as 'spring shoes' (hoho!)

Now in here, the first things you want to do is make a common event. (Duh!). Name it 'Spring Shoes Questions.' Set it to Parrell Process This is the event that will hold all "equipped?" forks.(You could make this into one common event, but it's a lot easier to manage if you do it this ah-way.) First fork option should be 'if [hero] has [spring shoes] equipped,' make another that says 'if [springy] has [spring shoes] equipped,' then turn on switch 'Spring Shoes.' Use new hero, (with springy) repeat until used on ALL of the heroes. Hit apply

Next this you wanna do is make another common event. Name it 'Spring Shoes.' (Hoho! Did you think it was going to be named 'Santa's Sink?') set it to autostart, make it's starting switch spring shoes. Now make the first event a set password event, store the password in 'spring shoes' variable. (You'll have to make the variable of course) then check the 1,2,3,4 box. NOTHING else. Hit ok.

Next, make a fork option that says 'If variable [spring shoes] is equal to 1,' now below that, make a move event command. Set the object to move to hero, then insert the following commands.

Face Down
Start Jump
Move Foward (1-2 times)
End Jump.

Now, under 'else case', make the same thing, except the variable's number is set to 2, (left), and have the face left. Do the same thing for 3 and 4.
(3 is right, 4 is up). Hit apply and go back to the your 'Spring Shoes Questions' event. Make a fork under the last else case, that says 'if [springy] has [spring shoes] equipped' turn off switch 'spring shoes.' This is basically a way to make a 'if hero doesn't have item equipped for option that rm2k should have, but it doesn't. (sob!). Hit apply.

Hurray-ay-tea!! You have made yourself some spring shoes!! Moi!! Congradulations. If you want to, you can always make SUPER DISTANCE spring shoes which would be mucho fun!

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