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Tutorial - 'Jumping System' by MeTnt

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If for some reason, you want jumping in your RPG - This is the thing to check out


Ever want to have an effective jumping system in your game? This tutorial will tell you how.

You don't need to know much about RM2k to do this either.
In the database, go to common events, choose an open slot for it and name it Jump. In the event start condition slot have it Parallel Process. If you want it to be like a ability that he will learn later in the game you need a switch, and have that switch turned on when you want. For the Event Commands im going to show you the coding.

<>Enter Password: [????: Jump]
<>Disable Menu: Disable
<>Set Screen Tone: for this you can have whatever you want.
<>Set Message Options:Transperant, Middle, [do not have prevent hero from hiding}
<>Show Choice: Jump/Menu
<> Jump Case:
<>Move Event:Hero, Start Jump,Foward Forward,
End Jump
<>Set Screen Tone: 100% on all
<> Menu Case:
<> Call Menu:
<>Set Screen Tone: 100% on all
<> Set Message Options: Normal, Down,
Prevent hero from hiding
<> End Case:

That is all there is to it. Not long huh? Well hope you can make it work if you want. Have fun.