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Tutorial - 'Intoxication System' by Lans

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For all you drunkards!


All right. The Spyder is back again, with another one of her wacky tutorials. This time, I give you the ability to get your PCs drunk and

turn them into alcoholics. For all the dorks out there who think this is wrong, go play Baldur's Gate for a while. They've got an intoxication

system too. I just decided to be realistic and add to it.

There are three major components of this system. There's the drunken condition, where the PC is mildly tipsy. He suffers a severe knock

to his accuracy, and probably would not be able to fight properly. There's the really bad drunk, where you not only lose accuracy, but it

hurts your movement until you sleep it off. Then there's the addiction, which in itself is fatal, but mostly to weak PCs. You don't have to

be drunk to suffer from this. While walking down the map, after a certain amount of time, you'll feel a sudden urge to have a drink. You

reach in your inventory. If a drink is there, then you drink it and can potentially get drunk. If it's not, you feel withdraw symptoms and get

n amount of HP taken from you. I tend to use 10.

Enough yapping. How does one do this?

Variables needed- 6

Switches needed- 2

Items needed- 1
Mead ((Change this to whatever you want))

Conditions needed- 2

So after all of the switches and variables are made, you need to make the item called Mead. Classify it as switch. Make it cost as much as

you want, and make it a 1 use item. Make the ON Switch "intoxon"

Now you need the two conditions. Make Drunk and BadDrunk. Leave Drunk as a combat effect, but change BadDrunk to a movement

effect. On the top right corner under Action Limitation, there's a field called Hit Rate Change %. Change this to 40, or any number you

choose. This affects the person's accuracy while drunk. Do this for both of them. For just BadDrunk, you'll see Decrease HP in the lower

right corner. HP Down During Map Movement is what we're interested in. change it to 5 in the box next to P. Or 4, or 3, or 10, or kill the PC,

for all I care. Customize it as you wish.

Now you need a common event. Call it Intoxication. Make it parallel process, and make the appearance switch "intoxon" Here's the hard

part. The coding-

<>Messg:*glug glug glug*
<>Variable Ch:[????:drinkcount]+1
<>Variable Ch:[????:baddrinkcount]+1
<>Fork Optn: Varbl[????:drinkcount]-5 more than ((pick bigger from the drop down menu))
<>Messg: A little tipsy are you? Maybe you should sleep it off.
<>Condition: All Members -> DrunkCondition ((I don't know how to give it specifically to the character who drinks it. Anyone who can

tell me gets a hug!))
:End Case
<>Fork Optn: [????:baddrinkcount]-10 more than
<>Messg: Take it easy there! You'll kill yourself drinking at this rate?
<>Condition: All Members Drunk Cancel
<>Condition: All Members -> BadDrunkCondition
<>Variable Ch: [????: baddrunktimes]+1
<>Variable Ch: [????:drinkcount] Set, 0
:End Case
<>Fork Optn:Varbl[????:baddrunktimes]-5
<>Messg: Uh oh.... Now you've done it, you alcoholic, you. You're addicted now.
<>Change Switch:[????:addicted]- ON Set
:End case
<>Change Switch:[????:intoxon]-OFF Set

The addiction thing is a switch. I didn't want to make it a condition, since going to an inn would wipe it out completely, and that's not how

addictions work. Now, you need another common event. Call it Addiction Time, and make it parallel process. DON'T MAKE AN

APPEARANCE SWITCH! Just leave that unchecked. This is where we use our own little time system. Even if you have your own, I

suggest you use this one too. Here's the coding-

<>wait: 0.4s.
<>variable Change:[####: Seconds] + 1
<>fork options: if variable[####:seconds]=60
<>variable change:[####:Second] set 0
<>variable change:[####:Minute] + 1
:end case
<>fork options: if variable[####: minute]=60
<>variable change:[####: minute] set 0
<>variable change:[####: hour] + 1
:end case
<>Fork Optn: Switch [????:addicted]- ON
<>Fork Optn: Varbl[????:hour]-5
<>Messg: You're feeling the need to drink...
<>Fork Optn: Mead Item Got ((Make sure this has an else case))
<>Messg: You quickly drink the mead in your inventory.
<>Variable Ch:[????:drinkcount]+1
<>Variable Ch:[????:hour]Set, 0
<>Add/Remove Item:Mead-> 1 Decr.
:Else Case
<>Messg:You need to drink. Beware the withdraw symptoms! Go to a pub to get a drink.
<>Change HP: All Members HP 10 Decr.
<>Variable Ch: [????:hour] Set, 0
:End Case
:End Case
:End Case

Those are the only two common events you need. Now there are a few small things you need to do. Every SINGLE Inn you make should

have a code looking somewhat like this-

<>Show Choice: Yes/No
[Yes] Case
<>Variable Ch:[????:drinkcount] Set, 0 ((IMPORTANT))
<>Variable Ch:[????:baddrinkcount] Set, 0 ((IMPORTANT))
<>Call Inn: Cost ?
[No] Case
End Case

If you don't add those two lines of code, then all resting does is take away the negative effects. You need to reset the variables, or else

the next drink the player takes will make him badly drunk. Now for the last tidbit you'll need-

Rehab. It's the one thing that can cure an addiction. You can incorporate this a bunch of ways. You can arrange it so that there are rehab

classes, for more modern and less serious RPGs, or you can have it so that your local priest is good at purging addictions in his own little

holy way. It's really simple to cure it. All you have to do is create the priest, create the dialogue, and make purge addiction be one of the

choices. Under that choice, just have a Change switch function that turns the switch "addicted" off. Simple, simple, simple.

Well, I hope you are amused by this. If not, inspired to use it. This can be typically used in parody RPGs and less serious ones, although,

if twisted right, it can be useful to serious RPGs. Take Baldur's Gate, for example. They use it as a way to get ahold of cool rumors that can

get you rich and powerful. Being drunk isn't all bad! Enjoy your new powers!

-The Spyder